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An LED Grow Tent Kit is a great option for all growers looking to get spectacular harvests indoors with the best lighting technology currently on the market. Short for light emitting diode, this technology has quickly become one of the most used types of grow lights in the industry for many reasons. The low energy use, low heat output, and full-spectrum light that LED grow lights put out is a great match for indoor grow rooms and the plug-and-play simplicity is welcomed by all.

What Is A Complete LED Grow Tent Kit?

A complete LED grow tent kit contains everything a grower needs to take a plant from seed to harvest indoors. The reason these are so great is that they contain the smell & mess of your grow, make it easier to optimize the growing environment, and seal your plants off from the rest of your home, so you don't have to alter your house to start your indoor garden.

But the real benefit in purchasing a complete LED grow tent package is that you know your components will all fit and work together seamlessly. You won't have to try and properly size your light, ventilation system, plant count, etc. - instead, we take the guesswork out of it so you get exactly what you need, nothing more, nothing less. Let's dive a bit deeper into the benefits behind these packages.

Benefits Of Growing In An LED Grow Tent Kit

We briefly touched on them above, but let's take a deeper look into why you should invest in a complete LED grow tent kit. Of course, many of these benefits pertain to grow tent growing in general. A more discreet grow, perfect growing environment sealed from the outside world, light reflection, etc. So, we're really just going to focus primarily on the LED aspect.

LED grow lights may require the highest investment on the market, but there is good reason for this. No other technology operates as efficiently or as cool as this one. This ends up saving you tons of money on electricity and cooling costs in the long run, making this an investment you actually will be able to see a return on.

With this efficiency comes power and intensity too. LED grow tent packages are able to grow such huge, potent plants because there is no shortage of light energy for your plants. The spectrum on these fixtures is optimized for all stages of plant growth, so from seed to harvest, your plants are getting as close to the sun as possible. With added IR and UV light to certain fixtures, and more introducing this technology, plant growth and yield is unmatched when grown with LED tech.

What Is Included In A Complete LED Grow Tent Kit?

The main components of these LED tent packages are the big three: Tent, Light, Ventilation system. From there, you can add on optional supplies and equipment. You can choose a grow method - soil or hydroponics - along with all the garden care, harvest, and overall garden supplies you may need throughout the grow cycle.

What Size LED Grow Tent Kit Do I Need?

Picking the size of your LED grow tent kit should be based on the number of plants you want to grow and the amount of growing space you have to work with. We recommend growers looking to grow for personal should consider anywhere from a 2’ x 4’ LED Grow Tent Kit - 5’ x 5’ LED Grow Tent Kit, but we have all sizes up to 10’ x 20’ depending on your needs and application.

Should I Choose a Hydroponic or Soil LED Grow Tent Package?

Both options will grow a great plant, but we recommend beginners choose a soil grow tent kit due to the simplicity. Hydroponic grow tent kits will require a bit more time and focus at first, but will result in more explosive growth and a better quality end product. Starting with the inexpensive soil grow tent package will allow you to easily upgrade to a hydroponic system after you have dialled in the growing process and will have taught you the basics of growing, setting you up for success on your future grows.

Here Is What You Get In A Complete LED Grow Tent Kit:

  • Grow Tent - Depending on the size of tent kit you go with, you can grow anywhere from 2-64 plants. Choose between a premium Gorilla Grow Tent or Covert Grow Tent.
  • Grow Light - LED Grow Light, Light Timer, Light Hangers
  • Ventilation System - Inline Exhaust Fan, Carbon Filter, Fan Controller, Circulation Fan, Ducting, and Clamps.

If you still have questions or need commercial pricing, feel free to call one of our resident grow experts at 866-GRO-INDR


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