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Plant extracts have been used for centuries. The great thing is that modern technology has made it easier for growers to manufacture them. You don’t necessarily have to be a large-scale grower to produce extracts. With easy-to-use extraction equipment that you can buy at Groindoor.com, growers can successfully convert their...

Plant extracts have been used for centuries. The great thing is that modern technology has made it easier for growers to manufacture them. You don’t necessarily have to be a large-scale grower to produce extracts. With easy-to-use extraction equipment that you can buy at Groindoor.com, growers can successfully convert their flower harvest into concentrated forms, regardless of the size of their grow.

Make the most of your plant harvest

There are several ways to create concentrated products from your plant harvests. The processes for manufacturing plant extracts have evolved over time, and fortunately, home growers can also benefit from the innovation.

The best thing about extracting is that it allows you to make good use of the trimmings you remove from your flowers during harvest – something that some growers usually throw away. This means that if you invest in extraction equipment, you can optimize your yield’s value and also reduce waste.

What is the difference between solvent and non-solvent extractions?

You can extract pollens and oils from your plants in two ways: solvent and non-solvent. Most growers have heard of extracts or concentrations produced by liquid-liquid extraction or solvents. However, non-solvent extraction can also be super useful.

There are many interesting and unique ways to do non-solvent extractions. Your extract’s quality and consistency will depend on the method you choose for non-solvent extraction.

The different non-solvent methods of oil extraction from the harvest

There are four main non-solvent extraction methods, named dry sift, rosin, dry ice, and ice water. You can get a vast collection of equipment for each of these methods at Groindoor.com, so don’t forget to check out our page!

You can also check out our combo packages that combine dry sift and rosin extraction techniques. It is possible to extract super high-quality rosin from dry sift. Many growers prefer combining the two methods to make the process super easy. This is particularly true when growers are making homemade concentrates.

There’s another advantage of buying extraction equipment from Groindoor.com. Since you can plug them directly into the standard house plug, you won’t require any special outlet to use them.

Method 1: Dry Ice/CO2 Extractions

Like the other methods discussed above, this one also gives a powdery collection of resin. It would be more accurate to consider CO2 extraction as a solvent method, but it is not so because CO2 disappears very quickly without leaving a residue. It also has a high vapor pressure.

Experts recommend that for this method, you should freeze the plant material first. This makes it easier for resin glands to release resin quickly. Like the other methods, you will have to make sure you get your product through multiple cycles in dry ice extraction.

If you are new to growing, it is best to start with Dry Ice Extraction. You can get super affordable and safe shaker kits at Groindoor.com. Use them to extract an incredible quantity of resin glands that you would have otherwise thrown away as trimmings. The method is fairly simple. Just fill the bucket with dry ice and plant material. Take a micron bag that zips perfectly around the bucket. Place it over the bucket, then flip it over and shake it over a flat and wide surface to gather the resin.

Make sure you use gloves to handle the dry ice.

Method 2: Dry Sift Extractions, Using Tumblers & Screens

Dry sifting is another method of non-solvent extraction. In this, the pollen is separated from the plant material with the help of fine mesh or screens. The plant material is rubbed over these to break off the crystals coming through. In the end, you get a powdery extract, which you can process further.

At Groindoor.com, you can get the best Dry Sift Tumblers in the market. They are super easy to use and are available at the most reasonable prices. All you have to do is place the plant material inside the cylinder-shaped drum, after which you fit it into the tumbler machine. Now close the lid, turn on the tumbler, and keep running it for twenty minutes.

Using a tumbler is much better than doing the job with your hands. It tumbles the dry flowers and trims gently while collecting the separated resin glands – doing the job of removing the resin glands without impacting the quality of the remaining plant material.

Method 3: Rosin Extraction through Rosin Presses

Let’s find out how rosin is extracted. You extract rosin – a resinous sap – from the plants. This is done using a combination of heat and pressure.

Perhaps the simplest way to do this is to place the plant material between two parchment paper layers and then apply heat and pressure on it using a hair straightener. However, experts don’t recommend this method. The reason is that hair straighteners are not special equipment for this purpose. Their temperature fluctuations can cause plant degradation. Also, the pressure needed to extract a good quantity of rosin is more than a hair straightener can apply.

This issue can be avoided when you use Rosin Presses from Groindoor.com. This equipment is gaining popularity because it is the best and latest technology available at present. In a Rosin Press, the plant material is placed between two heated steel plates, which causes rosin to excrete out.

Rosin Presses are also useful in controlling two key factors in rosin extraction – temperature and pressure. Optimal rosin extraction requires intense pressure and high temperature between 180 °F and 330 °F. However, you need to be careful here. While high pressure and temperature will get you more rosin, too much of both of these can possibly degrade your rosin's quality. Purchase your rosin press at Groindoor.com today. You can check out our wide variety of hydraulic, manual, and pneumatic presses.

Here’s how you can use your rosin press. All you have to do is turn it on, set the required temperature, and adjust any other factors included in your unit. Now you can put your plant material in a micron bag and place it between the parchment paper. After this, the parchment paper is ready to go into your press. The rosin is ready to be extracted. Super easy, right?

Method 4: Ice Water Extractions through Bubble Bags or Machines

Ice Water Extraction is a great method because it results in more concentrated – and therefore higher grade - oily extract than the dry ice and dry sift methods.

In this method, the pollen is separated from the plant material by washing it in extremely cold water. The extract that you get after ice water extraction resembles that of dry sifting. The only difference is that it has a higher oil content and is more refined. This is the reason why many growers prefer it.

At Groindoor.com, there are two ways in which you can extract using ice water. They use a washing machine or manually mix with a bucket or bag. Using a washing machine is a gentler approach than tumbling machines.

As for the bag/bucket method, several micron bags are layered, one on top of another, starting with the smallest first. Once you are done with stacking, it's time to fill the bucket with the plant material, cold water, and ice. Now you can use a spoon to stir gently or use an electric mixer. Get done with mixing thoroughly. Then you should let the mixture sit for ten minutes. This allows for proper extraction. Now you can strain, then stir and repeat.

Make sure you cycle your plant material two to three times.

Hemp Extraction

After the nationwide legalization of hemp, many hemp farmers are looking for ways to grow and harvest hemp successfully. At Groindoor.com, you can buy distillation and extraction equipment for cultivating hemp oil. We have special offers for commercial hemp farmers, so get in touch with us to request special pricing and a dedicated account manager so contact us at 866-GRO-INDR or mail us at support@groindoor.com.

The oil from the hemp plant offers a range of amazing health benefits. It is great for your skin, promotes heart health, improves brain function, enhances hormonal balance, boosts your immunity, and more. This is why many hemp growers aim to extract hemp oil from their harvest.

Another way to benefit from hemp is to extract the beneficial compounds from the plant. Hemp boasts of some of nature’s best healing compounds, which are good for the following:

  • Inflammation
  • Pain management and reduction
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Hearth health
  • Stress reduction
  • Brain protection
  • Cancer symptoms

Let Groindoor.com help you

Once you know the various types of extraction equipment on the market, you can decide what’s best for you. If not, you can reach out to the growing experts at Groindoor.com for expert advice. If you are interested in reading more about how you can achieve top-quality extractions at home, check out our articles about post-harvest extractions. Call us at 866-GRO-INDR today!

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