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Commercial growers may find trimming the foliage during harvest to be like a nightmare. Their job is exhausting and adds no monetary value whatsoever. You can reduce the time spent on trimming using a bud trimming machine. It brings days' worth of work down to a few hours, ensuring safety...

Commercial growers may find trimming the foliage during harvest to be like a nightmare. Their job is exhausting and adds no monetary value whatsoever. You can reduce the time spent on trimming using a bud trimming machine. It brings days' worth of work down to a few hours, ensuring safety and giving you the space to focus more on growing and harvest rather than on a rather profit-killing job.

At, you can find large scale commercial-size trimmers to do the job of several people or a highly portable lightweight trimmer.

How do you trim buds?

The way you trim your buds will largely depend on the size of the harvest. For a more precise and quality product, hand trimming is ideal. But this is not financially feasible. It would take you weeks to trim a large harvest by hand, whereas using a machine would cut this time down to a few hours, helping you maximize profits.

Which bud trimmer is the best?

Your budget and the size of the harvest will determine the trimmer that you need. Our recommended brands include Greenbroz, Trimpro, and CenturionPro. These brands offer trimmers for literally every grower, regardless of their need. We have reviewed the trimming machines and their maintenance for you on our blog.

Different trimming styles

You can find both hand held electric trimmers and automatic trimming machines – both of these work in their specific way. We offer machines for both wet and dry trims. It is recommended that you go for dry trimming for better quality, but if you are on a schedule, it is better that you opt for wet trimming. Every method has its own pros and cons, so let’s figure out which one is best for you.

Should you trim the buds before drying?

Trimming dry and wet is possible; all you need to ensure is that you have the right trimming machine for the job. If you use the wrong machine for trimming, the final product quality will be way below par.

We recommend you go for a dry trim using dry trimming machines. You can get the best fragrance and taste of flowers if you allow them to dry before harvest. Terpene preservation happens to be the biggest benefit of dry trimming.


  • Variety of options – You can find dry trimmers in different styles ranging from tumble style to bucker.
  • Closer cut – Compared to a wet trimmer, a dry trimmer offers a closer cut, given there is no extra shirking because of moisture.
  • Better quality – It is superior in terms of end-product quality compared to wet trim.


Not that it is much of a con, but dry trimming requires more space as the flowers will have to be hung from the stem to dry.

Wet trimming machines, on the other hand, allow you to save space. Wet trimming doesn’t require you to hang flowers by the stem to dry them. All you need to do is pluck the flowers, put them in the tumbler, and dry them on a drying rack.


  • Profitable – Wet trimming is excellent for commercial growers as you can get done with more in a shorter amount of time.
  • Saves space – You can save a lot of space since drying racks can hold many more flowers than you can when flowers are hanging from the stem.


  • Lacks quality – It is not great for concentrates since the trim is cut up when wet, which causes chlorophyll to break, leading to a wet grass smell.
  • Flowers can smell and taste green.

Tumbler-style trimmers are the most popular type among growers. You can achieve a close trim as the trim rotates the flowers in a cylinder trim. Twister Trimming machines are technologically advanced and are made for large-scale production as you can place several units inline.


  • Fast trimming experience – The trimmers can trim up to 45 lbs/hour wet and 16 lbs/hour dry.
  • Can trim both dry and wet by changing the tumbler only.
  • You can boost productivity by leveraging its state-of-the-art engineering, which allows you to accommodate large batches.


  • They end up being more expensive than other alternatives.

Bowl-style trimmers are manual machines that are operated using a hand crank. The flowers move around in a bowl where they come in contact with the blades. You can find automatic versions for large trimming needs.


  • Better control – You can control the machine’s speed with a hand crank.
  • Cost-friendly – They provide great value for money, given their low cost.


  • Close, smooth cut – For many growers, the machine removes TOO MUCH material.
  • Limited use – They are good to use with dry flowers only.

Stand-up trimmers are manual machines that move the flowers slowly. This is a back-and-forth movement done over a grate. There is a fan underneath which catches the material that passes through.


  • Better control – You can control the rate at which you move the plant over the blade while the blade spins automatically.


  • Safety – The machine requires the usage of a glove as the fingers are too close to the blades.
  • Limited use – They can only be used for dry trimming.

Electric handheld trimmers do not create a mess by smacking flowers around while removing plant material. It is important to stay attentive as growers end up cutting into the flowers while trimming. They are a great option if you are not looking for a close cut because they are pretty quick and budget-friendly.


  • Control – If you are careful, you do not lose a lot of pollen or plant material compared to hand trimming.
  • Saves time – While it does not offer a great close cut, the trimmer provides excellent speed compared to hand trimming.


  • Difficult – You have to be very careful when using this trimmer, as you might get carried away while trimming and cutting into the flowers.

Bucker Trimmers/Destemers are great at removing stems. You feed the flowers to these machines, and they remove the stem from them through small holes, leaving you with just the flower.


  • Quick stem removal – It removes stems from flowers at unprecedented speeds.


  • Limited functionality – The machine is not only expensive but performs only one function, i.e., stem removal. For the rest, you will need another trimming method, which is why these are not popular for large commercial operations.

Find for Yourself the Perfect Trimmer

Commercial Trimming Machines

Large-sized commercial setups cannot do well without a trimming machine. While expensive, these machines ultimately save a high cost in terms of manpower and time spent for commercial growers. Hand electric trimmers and pruners means commercial growers cannot achieve economies of scale. At, you can find machines that can trim several pounds of plant material in less than an hour. These machines come with long warranties and can trim through both dry and wet flowers.

You can find two types of commercial trimming machines: bowl and tumbler. Moreover, our collection includes both continuous and batch-feed machines.

Medium and small-sized trimmers

As a grower who is harvesting multiple plants, you can find trimming to be a frustrating experience. You really won't find many reasons to buy a trimmer if you are a hobby grower. We solve this problem by offering small-sized or small scale trimmers that come at highly affordable prices alongside big machines that you can get when looking to up the ante and take your garden care to the next level.

Harvesting a hemp farm efficiently

Harvesting industrial hemp is a long process that can sometimes take weeks. You will need to get your hands on a commercial trimming machine if you want to reduce harvesting time from weeks to hours. You can find such machines at to maximize your ROI and reduce labor costs.

Our guide on harvest automation can help you optimize the output from bud trimmers and buckers. You can learn more about harvesting your plants at our learning center or speak to one of our expert growers by calling us at 866-GRO-INDR!

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