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Soil and plants are the two most basic terms associated with gardening. The reason? Growing plants in soil-filled pots are the most popular way to grow plants. Be it indoor or outdoor growing; pots are considered a critical aspect of the process. Even though this method is very popular, many...

Soil and plants are the two most basic terms associated with gardening. The reason? Growing plants in soil-filled pots are the most popular way to grow plants. Be it indoor or outdoor growing; pots are considered a critical aspect of the process. Even though this method is very popular, many growers still do not realize the significance of choosing the right type of pot.

You can find a wide variety of pots in the market, but how to decide which one is best for your specific needs? The answer lies in first understanding the purpose of each type of pot. Don't know much about this? No need to worry! We can tell you all you need to know. Let's begin!

Why is it important to make the right choice?

There are many different types of pots available in the market, and each of these serves a unique purpose. Starting from the seed germination phase onto vegging and flowering, there is a different pot to serve your plant's needs in each particular phase.

Choosing the right pot for plant growing is critical because it determines the health of the plant. You can think of your pot as your plant's little home. If it is a happy place, your plants are likely to bloom well.

Don't know how to find the right pots for your plants? The experts at Groindoor.com can help you! At Groindoor.com, we offer impressive variety of pots at the most reasonable rates. As we have a lot of options for you, there are chances that making a choice can become a challenge.

To help you make the right choice, we have described different types of pots that you will find in our catalog. It will help you understand which pot to choose for your plants. Here are the details:

Exploring the Types of Garden Pots

If you are a grower and want to choose the right pots to grow healthy plants, you need to know the types you will find in the market. Shapes, materials, and sizes are just some of the factors that you will have to consider when choosing your plant pot type. Following are some pot types that you can consider using:

Air Pots

Air pots are gaining popularity in the growing industry, and for a good reason. In many ways, these pots are similar to fabric pots. Why should you choose these pots? The answer is simple – aeration. These pots provide the best level of aeration for your plants. Due to this feature, these pots are referred to as one of the best choices for growing plants.

Created by TerraHydro, these air pots offer some amazing benefits. From saving a plant from overwatering to the development of healthy root systems, these plant pots are the best option for you.

Fabric Garden Pots

The traditional plastic pots lead a plant towards root bounding. A way to avoid this situation is to opt for fabric garden pots. These pots are becoming the new favorite of the growers due to their porous nature. This very feature of this pot helps roots to become aerated. With this, the growers can expect natural pruning of the roots.

Not only does the use of these pots prevent root bounding, but it also helps in regulating the temperature and provides more oxygen for the growth of the plant. Not to forget that the fabric garden pots lead to better drainage as well. These reusable pots are ideal for a hydroponic growing system.

Plastic Grow Bags

In our catalog, you will also find plastic grow bags. These grow bags have pre-punched holes at the bottom that makes them perfect for greenhouse drip irrigation operations. They also help the plant breathe and lead to efficient drainage.

They last longer than all other garden pot plants, making them stand out as they help growers save money.

Plastic Garden Pots

The simplest form of garden pot plants is one made of plastic. You can find square as well as round plastic plant pots. While these have been very popular among growers, they have lost their charm. One of the biggest reasons behind these pots losing their popularity is the fact that they make a plant root-bound. The tangling of roots, or root circling, as it is called, creates a plethora of issues for the plant.

As soon as the plant begins to outgrow the plastic, it needs to be transplanted. You can efficiently transplant the plant by going through our definitive guide on how to transplant a plant. The right approach is not to get involved in such complexities and make a smart plant pot choice.

Now that you know about the basic plant pot types let's discuss some of the most common questions that growers have about pots.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Many growers struggle to make the right plant pot decisions, which sometimes negatively impacts their plants' growth. Here are some most common queries answered for all struggling growers.

Is it important for indoor plant pots to have holes?

It is essential to provide the plants with proper aeration and drainage, but if there are holes in indoor plant pots, there is a chance that it may create a mess. For this purpose, you might need a saucer.

Why do I need a saucer?

Saucers help in the prevention of spills and even in retaining water. You might want to pair your plastic pots with saucers to make sure your plants are well-hydrated.

Is the color of the pot important?

Yes, it is! It will impact the temperature of the soil. Too much heat can ruin the roots of the plant. It is best to grow plants in lighter pots as they help keep the soil relatively cool, which is perfect for root development.

Choosing the Right Garden Plant Pot

Now that you know the different garden plant pot types, it is time to make your choice. The task is not easy and may get a bit overwhelming. You can head to our definitive guide on selecting a garden pot to help you choose the one that best suits your plant-growing needs.

The truth is that you cannot just select one pot and get done with it. You will have to get a different pot as the needs of the plant change during the various development phases. Many growers, usually beginners, choose a large pot from the very start and let the plant grow in it. It eliminates the need to transplant a plant into a new pot. While this is easy, it is not the best option because it might lead to different plant issues.

Let Groindoor.com help you!

You can buy your pots at our website and have our experts give you a free consultation.

One tip from our experts is as follows:

If you want a solution that fits all situations, it is best to opt for a fabric plant pot. Even though these are ideal for growing outdoors, they also work well when you are growing indoors. However, things can get messy with this option. Plastic pots are good if you are growing indoors.

You can head to our guide on container gardening to learn more about plant pots. If you are still struggling, feel free to call the experts at Groindoor.com at 866-GRO-INDR!

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