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LED Grow Lights & LED Grow Light Fixtures

Shopping for LED Grow Lights? carries one of the largest selection of LED Grow lights for hobby and commercial growers. carries on LED Grow Light PanelsLed Grow Light Bars and even LED Grow Light Bulbs from some of the best manufacturers in the industry. We curate our selections to carry only the best LED grow lighting with optimized PAR light spectrums, that provide your grow tent / grow room with the correct LED Grow Lighting your plants need.

Using LED Grow Lights are especially useful as they generate less heat and consume substantially less energy than traditional HPS Grow Lights, thereby helping you realize dramatic cost savings, We have also sorted our LED Grow Lights by the different spectrum of light ( LED Full Spectrum & Bloom Spectrum) they provide. You can also sort our collection for the exact wattage of LED Grow Light you may need. Each of our individual LED Grow Light fixture pages also provide the coverage ratio and energy consumption of that particular light. If you still have questions or need commercial pricing, feel free to call one of our resident grow experts at 866-GRO-INDR

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