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Looking to convert your existing grow light fixtures to LED? Then youre at the right place. has a wide selection of led bulbs that will fit in your existing HPS/MH or fluorescent grow light fixture.

Why Should I Use LED Grow Light Bulbs?

Upgrading your existing HPS/MH or Fluorescent grow lights to Led by replacing the bulb with an integrated LED lighting system bulb, is a quick, cheap and painless option. Simply replace your existing bulb with one of our LED Grow light Bulbs and voila, you have a Led fixture for the price of a bulb.

Disadvantages of using LED Grow Light Bulbs?

Simple answer. Wattage. Using a Led bulb to upgrade your existing HPS/MH or fluorescent fixture to LED vs a LED grow light system is that youre restricted to using a bulb with a lower wattage. These bulbs are great for a hobby grower with a small grow tent or grow room but not recommended for use in a large scale grow operation. LED grow light bulbs can be an exceptional addition to the grow light family, both in terms of performance and cost-effectiveness or even as a supplement to your existing HPS Grow Light or CMH Grow Light, but they are not a replacement for a quality LED grow light system. Check our Learning center, for a plethora of information on grow lightsnutrients or even grow tents. If you still have any other questions or need commercial pricing, please call one of our resident growing experts at 866-GRO-INDR


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