What makes super soil so good, and why do organic growers swear by it? Remember, your plants need well-aerated, slightly acidic, and porous soil to improve their health. Here are all the details you require to create your own super soil at home, along with the best formula. – Gro Indoor
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What is the Super Soil Recipe?

by 09 Apr 2023

What is the Super Soil Recipe?

Maintaining an "organically grown” crop is challenging; therefore, many growers advocate for a super soil recipe. The super soil method is a fantastic way for growers looking for organic growers to accomplish plants with a heavy abundant harvest.

What is Super Soil?

A world-renowned grower, Subcool first developed the idea. It is a heavily amended soil that provides your plants with everything they require for super steady growth.

You need to mix the recipe precisely if you do, there will no longer be a need to provide your plants with "synthetic plant nutrients." Instead, you can occasionally add organic dry amendments during bloom and veg.

You can use Super soil for simplifying the process of growing, throwing plant feeding charts out of the equation, and mitigating the risks associated with overfeeding.

All you need to do is follow the recipe, monitor the pH levels, look for any insufficiencies, and resolve them accordingly.

How to Reuse Super Soil?

Are you wondering what makes super soil so incredible? The soil is excellent because it can last you several years easily. In this process, the microbial life created keeps working its magic, allowing you to top-dress during flower or veg based on your needs.

Your first and foremost option is to follow the "no-till gardening method," allowing the soil to function independently without demanding any maintenance for years. Another benefit is that it can be re-amended after each growing cycle.

Super Soil Recipe

When you use the super soil recipe, there is no need for any synthetic liquid nutrients. The formula generates 100 gallons. Further, you can easily adjust the recipe to make Super soil as much as you need. If you're looking for amendments, you can find them here at Groindoors.com.

  • 1."14 cu ft potting soil" when it comes to price, this does not need to be rich in nutrients or expensive. All you need is base soil, so there is no harm in getting something cheap. Whatever your plants need can be added as the process moves forward.
  • 2."25-50 lbs. Worm Castings" an alternative would be to use half EWC and half compost.
  • 3."5 lbs. Blood Meal" compared to others, this is a much faster nitrogen source and helps your plants grow bigger during the time of vegetation. (12-0-0)
  • 4."5 lbs. Feather Meal" this is an extended and slow-releasing nitrogen source. It helps provide plants with an ample supply of nitrogen throughout life.
  • 5."5 lbs. Bat Guano" This organic fertilizer is great for soil structure and improving absorption. It also ensures that your plants get a full micro and macronutrient profile.
  • 6."2.5 lbs Bone Meal" This mainly is a fantastic source of calcium and phosphorus that can benefit the flowing process.
  • 7."2.5 lbs Fish Bone Meal" If you are facing any issue with nearby dogs or bears, we highly recommend not using fish fertilizers. It will not benefit the flowing process; on the contrary, it will attract them to the plant. As an alternative, you can use bone meal and double the quantity.
  • 8."3 cups Oyster Shell" This is a perfect choice if you are looking for a quality calcium source.
  • 9."3 cups Kelp Meal" This substance has a perfect blend of micro-nutrients with a sufficient dose of potassium and nitrogen.
  • 10."2 cups Azomite" Using this not only re-mineralizes the soil but also fortifies it with its excellent nutrient profile.
  • 11." ¾ Cup Epsom Salt" this is a natural bloom blaster.
  • 12."2 Tbsp Mycorrhizae" perfect for encouraging rapid rooting.

Making Your Own Super Soil

Before you start making your super soil, remember it's going to be very time-consuming and requires hard work so patience is key here. Once you have all the ingredients, you're going to have to mix everything for a while. Experts recommend letting everything compost for a while. Wondering why? Because it allows microbial life to take place.

Step 1 Mixing

Your first step requires laying down a kiddie pool or a tarp. Now you need to add half of the base in and spread out everything. Now add all of the other ingredients and Mix while moistening everything slightly.

Once everything is mixed, it is now time to add your soil's remainder into the mix.

Add more water to get the mix damp because water activates the process. Remember, the soil needs to be moist, not soaked ensure you don't overdo anything.

Step 2 Super Soil Recipe Composting

You must keep checking your soil over the subsequent few weeks and mixing everything until the additives are no longer noticeable.

Add the whole thing into different cans and buckets and get it damp. Most soil will allow the composting process to take place. For the upcoming few months, you must ensure the soil is moist. This process aims to make sure everything in the mix becomes usable for the plant to benefit from. Before you finally get to use it, give it one last mix.

Step 3 Preparing Super Soil for Planting

Now the super soil is ready to be used. However, you need a light soil blend to serve as a soil plug. This last-minute addition protects you from young plants from nutrient burns. All your plants will indeed develop a robust root system, which will later extend into super soil.

Watering Plants in Super Soil

Now you already know that the plants will no longer be fed liquid nutrients; all you need to do now is water them regularly. Again, don't overdo it 'give the plant enough water to keep the medium wet.

An excellent way to check whether your plant needs watering is by testing the soil with your hands. You need to provide more water if the soil is completely dried up to the first fingernail. It is far preferable to submerge yourself than to create a runoff if this is your first time or you lack experience. Otherwise, the water will wash away some of the soil's nutrients.

Monitoring pH in the Super Soil Recipe

Growers who are used to liquid nutrients understand the value of pH monitoring.

In organic growing, maintaining pH doesn't require much work; however, it is still a good practice and needs to be on your daily checklist.

With the use of super soil, you have successfully created an organic ecosystem making it maintenance-free. However, on frequently using your soil pH meter you can track your soil’s health better.

When organic amendments are dry, correcting deficiencies, imbalances, and toxicities takes much longer this is why regular checking of soil is imperative.

To keep things easy and cost-effective, you can use vinegar and lemon to lower the pH level or increase the acidity. On the other hand, you can use baking soda or "TNB Naturals pH Up" to raise the pH level naturally.

Final Thought

As you got all the information you need about Super Soil in this article, along with a simple recipe, you can check Groindoor.com as well. We genuinely hope that this information was able to answer your questions. For more information on the subject, feel free to visit our website.

Jul 29th 2022
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