Harvesting time is around the corner, so we have made this ultimate guide on flower preservation and harvest storage for all the planters to make the harvesting easier. – Gro Indoor
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Flower Storage - An Ultimate Guide to Harvest Preservation

by 09 Apr 2023

Flower Storage - An Ultimate Guide to Harvest Preservation

Harvesting time is around the corner, so we have made this ultimate guide on flower preservation and harvest storage for all the planters to make the harvesting easier. If you are a gardener for a hobby or a commercial grower, preserving and storing buds is equally essential and crucial to perform.

Using the proper packaging for your flowers will ensure that your flower can sit on shelves for 3-4 months without losing potency. We are sharing some best practices for storing your flower. We share the blend of our product and knowledge with you to help you nail the final step of the plant growing process. But let's look into why it is essential to store the flower and what will happen if we get it wrong.

Why Proper Flower Storage is So Important

In this part, we will cover the breakdowns you can experience if you don't store your flower correctly. It causes degradation over time and a loss of quality. These sway true not just for your flower buds but anything you grow from the ground, such as fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

Degradation of Terpene and Flavonoid

When buds age, the first thing that goes is taste and smell. It happened because terpenes and flavonoids started to deteriorate. It is a natural process that the flower faces over time. But to control the process of degradation, too, not begin quickly. Make sure to store flowers properly. That results in excellent quality and fresh aroma.

Breakdown of Compound Loss of Strength

As with time, flavonoids and terpenes start deteriorating. In the same way, some essential compounds in your flower start reducing their concentration. You can lose the compounds that you love in your buds.

Physical Appearance of Flowers

Apart from terpenes deteriorate and lose essential compounds. If you do not store flowers properly, then with time, you will see the blow in flowers' structure and physical aspects.

To understand more clearly, if you don't store flowers in favorable condition or put them under direct sunlight, they will dry and crumble in your hands. The color may fade if you don't store them correctly.

How Long Does Buds and Flower Last Before Degradation?

These two factors play an important in keeping flowers last long, that is - dry and cure. If you keep a wet flower in a jar, then the bud starts getting discolor, which we commonly call bud rot, in planters' language. If you over-dry your bud, it results in a bad aroma and flavor. It is very sensitive to handle. The only way to store your flower for a long time is ' first dry your jar so the excess moisture will dry. If you nail the dry and cure right, your flower will last longer.

According to one research, there is a 15% loss in potency after one year. For the time being, the flower loses its potency by 10% every next year. There is no study for terpene and flavonoids, but there must be some loss.

How to Store Flower as Long as Possible

Let's jump into some tips and tricks on protecting flowers so they last longer. Check out our guide on properly drying and curing flowers and storing them for a long time, as mentioned above.

Choosing the Right Container

The proven way to store your bud lies in selecting the right container. You can use top-quality stainless steel or glass container. Use harvest keeper stainless and ball mason jars to store and cure your flower. They are highly effective in keeping the flower fresh for a long time without trichomes falling apart. Let's cover the significance of the atmosphere.

Difference between Stainless Steel Container and Glass Jar

Visit our website Groindoor.com harvest section and quickly find both stainless steel containers and glass jars. If you are wondering which one is superior to the other? It depends upon personal choice. On the brighter side, stainless steel containers can block the light from coming in, affecting your flower potency.

Apart from glass and stainless steel containers, we recommend that you not use plastic jars bags that you buy from a dispensary as it is not good for storage. It damages and fries the trichomes and does not block the light from coming in.

Consider Vacuum Sealing for Storing

Another way to retain the quality of your flower and buds is to use a vacuum seal. A vacuum seal works best when you have lots of flowers and don't plan to use them for an extended period. The vacuum seal does allow air or light to enter and affects the quality of your flowers. But remember to keep it in the closet as UV rays may still affect it.

How About Freezing Buds?

Not a bad idea when done carefully as many growers freeze their harvest, but they are professionals. Keep in mind, handle bags carefully when you are freezing buds as the trichomes can damage very quickly.

Now, you may be the thing to opt for a refrigerator for this purpose. Say 'Big No' to refrigerators. Please don't go for the middle option either keep buds at room temperature or put them in the freezer.

Add Humidiccants if Required

Remoisturize your stored flowers by adding Humidiccants to them. As flowers have dried out with long-term storage, having Humidiccants is so far the best option. Many planters recover flowers from over-drying by keeping them in Boveda packs container and adding Humidiccants into it.

Creating Ideal Environment for Storing

When you plan to store your flowers, make sure the container is clean and has no excess moisture. Make sure the jar never comes in direct contact with the sun. Temperature also plays an important role. The ideal temperature for storing is approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Suppose the temperature has not maintained the compounds in buds broken down. Keeping the jar in the dark place with a stable temperature is good.

There is one more thing you need to know how to store the flowers in a jar. Fill the jar in 3/4 way so that there is space for buds to breathe. If it is less than 3/4, it will cause too much oxygen in the jar.

Flower Storage in a Nut Shell

Now that you are knowledgeable about flower storage, hurry up, visit our site at GroIndoor.com and grab the container that works best for you. Along with this, don't forget to grab Humidiccants, or you can even try a vacuum sealer.

Remember to store in a clean, moisture-free container in a dark place. So you can store it for one year without the hydro floss in potency, aroma, and quality.

Jul 26th 2022
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