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How to Use the Shake and Trim from Your Next Harvest

by Kunal Khatri 09 Apr 2023

How to Use the Shake and Trim from Your Next Harvest

There are many ways you can make use of these versatile by-products instead of throwing them away. Shake and trim might not be as coveted as the buds, but you can certainly tell by looking at the active carotenoids in the trim that it can be useful if you know what to do with it. Make top-shelf concentrates or your favorite edibles; the possibilities are endless!

However, before we get into ways to utilize the shake and trim, let us go over what they are exactly.

What exactly is"Shake and Trim?"

Shake and trim are by-products of the harvest that most people do not know how to use. Shake is the small bits of cannabis that fall off from the larger buds, whereas the trim is the sticky leaves you are left with after you are done harvesting the buds.

Difference between Fan Leaves and Sugar Leaves

The two kinds of leaves that you will be left with can be differentiated into Fan Leaves and Sugar Leaves. When we say trim, we are referring to the sugar leaves that contain resin and trichomes.

The kind of leaves you should avoid are the fan leaves. They will be pretty much useless to you as they contain no trichomes and very few cannabinoids.

Differentiating between Shake and Trim

Many people often confuse between shake and trim, but the truth is that shake is a completely different by-product, used for different purposes.

Shake is the leftover you get at the bottom of your mason jar. Many people hesitate to use this product because they believe it is of lower quality when the truth is that it is essentially the same thing you would get if you put your buds in a blender.

How to get the most from your Trim?

You can turn your trim into marketable products by extracting it properly. Both the two main trim products are produced through proper extractions that remove the components you have no use of leafy plant matter and save the stuff you can use sugary leaves.

Smoking trim directly won't get you the high you want, but proper extraction allows you to separate the concentrated product that can be very potent.

Making Edibles from your Trim

The ease of making edibles is the main reason behind its increased popularity. You can now make edibles from the comfort of your homes whenever you want.

The best part? You do not need any fancy types of equipment to get started with making edibles from your trim. All you need is a good old "herbal infuser."

Using a Herbal Infuser

A herbal infuser, or a botanical infuser, can help you create various products like butter, infused oils, or tinctures.

Herbal infusers turn the process of making cannabutter simpler than it has ever been. Following is a step-by-step guide on how to make it yourself:

  • 1.Crush up your trim finely.
  • 2.Stuff the crushed trim in your machine tightly.
  • 3.Decarboxylize your trim. You can either do this on the herbal infuser or a stove. However, we will describe how to do this on the "Butter brewer."
  • 4.Adjust the setting according to your preferences. You have complete control over the temperature, mix duration, and mix intervals in the butter brewer.
  • 5.For the last step, add your final product from the butter brewer into a butter or oil.

If you plan on making baked goods, it's best to make a cannabutter; however, we advise using an infused oil or tincture if you want to use trim in your tea, coffee, or any other beverage.

Making Concentrates from your trim

If edibles are not your thing, you can always make use of trims to make different concentrates. You would be surprised by how many concentrates you can make from your trim; from rosin and hash to CO2 oil, the possibilities are endless!

Before we get into how you can make the specific concentrates above, let usdiscuss how you can create your own

Dry sifting: Separating the kief from the trim

Use a "dry-sift tumbler" to separate the trichomes from your sugar leaves. Using a dry-sift tumbler ensures that you get the purest possible product from your trim.

A dry-sift tumbler works great because it lets you get a highly potent and tasty extract. If you do this using your hands, you might not get the same result and probably end up with low yield plant matter.

Now, let us take a look at all the concentrations we mentioned in more detail


Rosin is a unique extraction that relies on the right temperature and pressure for its extraction. It is very potent and does not even require any solvents, making production and consumption safe.

To extract rosin, all you need is a "rosin press." The rosin press uses the right temperature and pressure required to get the ideal juices. It is important to remember that more pressure does not always mean more juices, so keep that in mind when you extract next time.

When using a rosin presser, you can rest assured that you will get all the good stuff you want in your rosin without having to worry about chlorophyll or other plant matter.

Check out our article on the "best rosin presses" of this season and "how to press rosin" to learn more about this extraction. You can even find out more about "how to press live rosin" by reading our guide titled the same.


You can make this kind of extraction from your trim by removing the trichomes from it. Do this by rolling the trichomes in a ball using your fingers.

However, a better way to do this is through the use of:

  • 1."Dry ice extraction."
  • 2."Cold water extraction."

1.Dry ice extraction

  • a.Put your trim and dry ice into a micron bag. The extreme cold allows the trichomes to separate from the trim better.
  • b.Shake the bag well enough to allow the sift to fall on the table.
  • c.Use a scraper to collect the end-product.

Different micron bags produce different hash grades; you will be better off knowing what grade you want so that you can use the right micron bag.

2.Cold water extraction

  • a.This method uses ice and water to separate the trichomes from the trim. Water works well as trichomes are not water-soluble and become easy to separate when in it.
  • b.Resin-filled trichomes settle towards the bottom
  • c.Resin is filtered, and the water is separated
  • d.It is then properly dried before it is ready to be smoked


Commercial growers might want to use shake and trim for "distillation."

`Distillation requires a lot of upfront investment in high-quality equipment such as a "rotary evaporator," " jacketed reactor," "heating mantle," and a "vacuum oven." What's more, you would also need the right people with the right knowledge regarding extractions through distillations.

The bottom line: Turning bad into beautiful

We hope this information got you all excited for the next harvest season. The possibilities are indeed endless! At Groindoor, we have the best products for the best price in the market. So what are you waiting for?

We have you covered for all your "extraction and infusion" needs. Check out our wide range of collections today. Happy Harvesting!

Apr 26th 2021
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