Are the leaves of your plants turning yellow? Then, you may be witnessing iron deficiency! Read on to learn all about iron nutrient deficiency in plants! – Gro Indoor
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Plants and Iron Nutrient Deficiency

by 09 Apr 2023

Plants and Iron Nutrient Deficiency

Iron is another element belonging to the plant's necessary micronutrient category. Iron acts as a supplement for plants and is responsible for catering to several of its functionalities. From nitrogen-fixing metabolism to generating energy, the plants' overall development depends on this micronutrient, iron.

As a new grower, you must be aware that without a sufficient supply of iron, plants are unable to thrive. There are several other benefits and reasons which make iron an essential inclusion for plants. Let's explore!

Why is Iron Beneficial for Plants?

Unlike humans, who need substantial iron intake to lead healthy lives, plants only need a tiny amount of iron for growth. However, even a little bit of iron can do wonders for plants. Also, did you know? Iron helps produce chlorophyll, which is responsible for oxygen and color for plants.

Furthermore, iron helps transport elements throughout the plant via its circulatory system, similar to the human body's blood supply. Another essential benefit of iron is that it's also responsible for variants of the plants' enzyme function.

How to Identify Iron Deficiency in Plants?

Most growers don't know that you can identify Iron deficiency symptoms on younger leaves. It makes sense, considering that iron helps plants with chlorophyll. The yellowing of leaves is the prime indication of iron deficiency in plants.

If you're a new grower, you need to learn that larger veins in the leaves will stay green. However, if adequate countermeasures aren't implemented, the leaves become pale and start to die. Several other elements can create an iron deficiency, such as manganese, high copper, and zinc. Apart from that, these elements can also develop a waterlogged grow media. As a grower, remember to check for these indications when you're identifying iron deficiency in plants.

  • The top Leaves will become yellow.
  • In time, your leaves, stems, and other parts darken
  • Wilting of leaves and stems.

Ways to Treat Iron Deficiency in Plants

Now that you have identified iron deficiency in your plants, it's time to take remedial steps. The first order of business is to check the pH balance in hydroponic grow media and the soil. A pH imbalance can halt nutrient uptake from the plant's roots.

Remember to regularly check the pH to ensure that it stays in the adequate range for both soil and hydroponic system. Plant experts suggest that the perfect range for many plants is between the values of 5.5 to 6.5.

When plants' pH remains within the range, the nutrients present in water and soil are soluble and are taken up through the root's system. Another essential point to note is that a higher pH level can cause plants to experience iron deficiency.

Alternative Methods to Treat Iron Deficiency

Another remarkable way to reduce iron deficiency is by using foliar treatments. Most growers find them ineffective, but the results are quite impactful. One of the reasons is that these treatments direct affect plants throughout their growth.

Also, don't hesitate to consistently apply foliar sprays if chlorosis symptoms persist or new foliage begins to grow. Although foliar sprays are temporary solutions, they can also provide a supplement to the growing medium. You can also use organic nutrient and compost tea to amend the soil and other mediums as well. Just remember to dilute both compost teas and fertilizer products to use them as foliar sprays for optimum results.

To Sum It Up

Now that you know how to identify, amend, and treat Iron nutrient deficiency in plants, you can act accordingly. All you need are mandatory tools, and you're good to go! To learn more, visit us at

Sep 16th 2022
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