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Understanding OMRI Listing

by 09 Apr 2023

Understanding OMRI Listing

As a grower organically growing, you can find growing your plants quite a hassle-free process. But did you know you need to be sure of the products when growing organically, too? For example, just as you can’t use synthetic nutrients, insecticides, and nutrients when growing organically, using every organic pesticide or nutrient available can harm your plants.

Then again, deciding which product to use when growing organically can confuse a grower. And this is where OMRI Listed products come in. For growers growing organically, the seal on the products that say organically listed happens to have quite a lot of significance. If you are confused about what exactly the seal means, let’s dig deep into the subject to find out more.

The Meaning of Being OMRI Listed

OMRI-listed products, shortened for organic materials review institute, are the ones meeting organic standards. OMRI is known for being a non-profit institute that lists and verifies products used for gardening. The institute specifically checks if the products meet organic standards. For certified organic farmers, OMRI certification has a significant role to play. The certification helps the farmer use exactly the products that are right for organic farming. Otherwise, the chances of using products with synthetic nutrients and wrong ingredients are massive.

The Importance of Being OMRI-Listed

Did you know OMRI listed products are the best organic products available? OMRI- listed products meet organic standards at the most. This is one of the reasons farmers growing organically should prefer OMRI- listed products. For OMRI listing, the manufacturers demand a complete list of ingredients of products undergoing the review process. Similarly, lab analysis of the NPK ratio is significant for nutrients and fertilizers. In some cases, the manufacturers can go for an onsite inspection too.

After the products pass the review and application process, the products are then verified and approved for organic farming. The products then officially bear the OMRI listed seal that authorizes them to be used for organic growth.

Do Hobby Growers Also Need to Use OMRI-Listed Products?

As discussed earlier, most of our products don't contain the OMRI listing seal. This means some products are not verified, and certified farmers growing on farms should not use them. As for the hobbyists, products like Pure Blend Tea Botanicare cater to their home garden perfectly well. Products like such are absolutely organic and don’t harm your garden. These are safe to use and have the right blend of substances but are not recommended for certified farmers to use in their operations.

Do All Organic Products Bear OMRI- Listing Seal?

Most of the products in our organic nutrient category don’t bear the seal for OMRI listing. These products, though derived from organic and natural sources, don’t undergo an OMRI review process. The reason is that most manufacturers can find the OMRI certification process expensive and complicated. So, they consider not going for OMRI compliance.

Considering we are catering to hobbyists as well, categories bearing no OMRI listing seal cater specifically to them. Then again, our products, even without the seal, work fine on plants without harming the plants' overall health. However, such products are not for certified farmers.

Shop all OMRI listed fungicides and OMRI listed pesticides at GroIndoor.com.

Our Final Thoughts on OMRI Listing

For certified organic farmers, organically growing and using OMRI-listed products is necessary. The farmers, organically growing, have set standards about which products to use on their land. While understanding this, OMRI listed insecticides and OMRI listed pesticides are reviewed, analyzed, and made to use specifically on their lands. And as for the hobbyist farmers, these products don’t necessarily add much to their home-grown garden.

Are you just hopping on the train to start organically growing? Don’t forget to check for the products bearing OMRI- the listed seal! You can reach out to us at GroIndoor.com by calling us at 866-GRO-INDR if you have more questions.

Sep 16th 2022
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