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Installing a Double-ended HID Bulb

by 09 Apr 2023

Installing a Double-ended HID Bulb

Most growers tend to forget about the importance of lighting for indoor gardening. In fact, experts believe that most growers find concerns in their nutrients or temperature for their drop in yield; instead of lighting. Lack of consistent bulb placement can be a major cause of reduced production.

By adding a double-ended bulb for your indoor plants, you can maximize your yield significantly. You can also reduce the risk of a fire hazard since they are installed into brackets. These brackets are then closed down after inserting the bulb. However, most indoor growers find it hard to place these bulbs accurately. This article will discuss how you can set up a double-ended HID bulb for your indoor growth.

Prerequisites to Remember while Installing a Double-ended HID Bulb

Before you begin with the actual setup, don't forget to wear gloves to avoid the bulb's quartz glass from becoming contaminated by your hands. The oil from your hand can damage the bulb entirely. If you don't have gloves with you, be sure to clean the bulb's surface before turning on the light.

Step 1: Place your HID Bulb between the Open Brackets

The first priority is to wire your bulb's ends by making sure they are straight. You can also straighten them to correct fraying; if it's there! The next step is to open brackets to their fully opened position. From there on, you can place the bulb on its flat side! Remember to ensure that the wire end is perfectly seated on the bracket's metal side after it's closed.

Step 2: Tightly Close Both Brackets

Now that you've placed the bulb perfectly between the brackets, it's time to close them fully. To make sure that the brackets produce a "click" sound, you must try to clamp them properly. And this is it!

Your bulb is installed perfectly! However, keep your bulb on for at least 30 minutes! This step ensures that the salts within the bulb blend in perfectly with your plants. On the other hand, if you don't follow this protocol, it might significantly reduce its lifespan.

Final Words

The bottom line is that lamps mostly look as bright as ever for human eyes. But the overall impact of the light and the spectrum's quality deteriorate with time, thus, affecting your overall yield. So, before lack of light impacts the growth of your plants, get yourself the Double-ended HID Bulb which is a click away at! Or you can visit our website, for more information regarding similar products!

Sep 19th 2022
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