Lights are essential for the healthy growth of plants. Some plants need more light, and some need less light. What's important is that you can adjust the light's height based on the plant's needs. – Gro Indoor
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Mounting and Hanging Grow Lights

by 09 Apr 2023

Mounting and Hanging Grow Lights

To build the grow room of your dreams, it must have all of the best components. Grow lights are one of the main parts of a sustainably grow room. It is of utmost importance to place them in the optimal position to ensure your plants' healthiest growth.

There can be several possible ways to set up a grow light. Setting up lights primarily depends on the grow room itself. Ideally, you would want to have beams going across the room to mount the lights. You can add lights or a grow light mover system into the beams. Drill some holes and add some hooks and screws into the beam directly. Ensure they are strong enough to hold the lights in place. If you don't have a beam in your grow room, you will need to install a frame that can be used on top of the lights to install them.

Frames for Grow Lights

Buying frames may seem costlier than having a beam because you may need to purchase multiple frames. Light frames offer more flexibility than beams because they are not locked or fixed in one place. If you wish to change something about the room, you can shift the complete setup from its place to a new location as needed. No matter what setup you go with, it is essential to adjust your lighting system's height whenever you need to.

Hangers for Grow Lights

Lights are hung in grow light hangers which are easily moveable. If you lock your lights in place, you will not be able to adjust their height depending on the plant that you have placed beneath. Perhaps you need to reduce the intensity, or maybe you need to increase the power. Maybe your plant is growing taller, and you need to push the lights further away from it.

Making Sure to Have an Ample Number of Lights for Your Grow Room

Before hanging your lights, you need to determine the total usable space and the number of lights you will use on your plants. An area of 2-by-2 feet will work fine with a bulb of 250 watts or less. A place of 4-by-4 feet will use a bulb of about 600 to 800 watts. As the area increases, so will the need for more lights.

The Next Step: Height of Grow Light Setup

The next thing to consider when setting up grow lights is at what height you will hang them. Different lamps emit varying degrees of heat. You have to ensure that there is enough room between the lamp and the plant; otherwise, the lamp could end up burning the bulb. Keep standard HID lights at a distance of about 24 to 36 inches from the plant, and you can place more powerful lights at a distance of 48 to 62 inches from the plant.

Fluorescent lights are significantly cooler than HID lights, so you can place them as close as 5 inches to the plant. LED lights can vary in their capability to produce heat so that they can be placed anywhere from 5 to 20 inches, depending on the bulb's intensity. Learn about your plants' light needs before choosing what lights to hang above them, or you could end up seeing adverse effects. It isn't possible to list down every possible distance that is perfect for your plant.

Planning Your Grow Space First for Ideal Results

Always plan your room before you set it up for growing purposes. Make sure you have taken the time to know your plant needs, how you will hang your lights, what tools and materials you have, and what you may need. A successful grow room with the perfect lights is entirely dependent on how well you plan it out. Connect with us at 866-GRO-INDR for help.

Sep 19th 2022
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