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Trimming Machine – How to Clean and Maintain Your Trimmer?

by 09 Apr 2023

Trimming Machine How to Clean and Maintain Your Trimmer?

As a grower, you may already be using a bucking and trimming machine for your plants. However, some other essentials help in harvesting plants faster can come in handy. Whether trimming one plant or 100, it's all about doing it right and fast.

Our fast-growing plants need to be healthy and full of good buds if they're going into production. Healthy trimmings will produce more product with less work, so it pays off for all growers — especially those in commercial operations where trimming speed can make or break yield potential!

These trimming tools and accessories are essentials that you absolutely need, whether you’re a hobbyist or a commercial grower.

Trimming Scissors

Trimming scissors are the first essential item on this list. The scissors are essential even if you’re using a machine trimmer. Sometimes a machine trimmer might not have manicured a bud exactly the way you'd want it, so you need those scissors for some fine cutting.

When it comes to shears, the best investment you can make is in a good pair. They will last for years and cut through anything with ease!

If quality is what you're going after, buy more than one pair because as time goes on, the second set gets dirtier with less effectiveness.

A good rule is to purchase two or more pairs so that if either gets dirty from cutting fine fabric like silk instead of cloth-like material, then there's another set ready in its place without much hassle on our end. So it's best to have extra trimming scissors on hand.

Obviously, you do need to clean your scissors periodically, which brings us to the next essential item on the list.

Scissor Cleaner

If you’ve trimmed plants even once in your life, it’s easy to understand why scissor cleaner is necessary.

Your plant's flower is full of resin that inevitably seeps into trimming scissors or machines. It's sticky and doesn't come off using any regular cleaning solution. That's why you need scissor cleaner.

Having additional scissors or tumblers is great for preventing delays in the trimming process, but in the end, you'll still need to clean them. The special design of the Scissor Cleaning Fluid means it's great for removing resinous trimmings, like gum and resin.

Trimming Trays

A basic container or tub you use to trim your buds might be getting the job done. But you’ll realize the worth of the trimming tray once you invest in one, especially if you trim manually.

This is particularly because of how these trays are ergonomically designed. They have hand and wrist rests integrated into the design, which really helps minimize muscle soreness and cramps. This is useful if you’re trimming for long periods of time.

Moreover, there are trimming trays that come with screens for collecting flowers or fruits, which you can then easily extract. They can also filter out unneeded trim and sizes, retaining just the trimmed buds.


Gloves are a necessity for maintaining quality, which is particularly necessary if you grow commercially.

Ideally, every grower should wear gloves during trimming, whether they're a hobbyist or a commercial grower. Here are some reasons why they’re essential.

Firstly, they prevent flower contamination. No matter how frequently you clean your hands, you should avoid directly touching your flower.

Secondly, you can prevent resin from sticking all over your hands. A fresh flower is sticky, and the resin can be really hard to get off your hands.

Accessories for Commercial Growers

If you grow commercially, you probably saw how much your harvest productivity increased by adding a trimmer and a bucker.

However, there are ways to optimize the machinery at your disposal. Check out the trimming accessories and machine part section of our website! Do make sure that you buy parts and accessories of the same brand. It's usually not a good idea to buy accessories from different brands.

Rails and Conveyors

Combine your trimming machine with rails and conveyors, and you’ll have an excellent trimming assembly in your hands. This is because you'll be able to input flowers continuously into your trimmer without any downtime!

This is particularly helpful if you’re a commercial grower growing substantial volumes. is your one-stop shop for all of the rail and conveyor needs you will ever have! We offer a wide variety in various sizes, so there's something perfect to fit any application. Take, for example, the Twister Feed. It is capable of increasing the speed of loading and consistency by at least 30%!

Additional Tumbler

An extra tumbler is also particularly helpful in increasing your productivity. There will be times when you’ll invariably need to change tumblers. Harvesting a single plant can take up to two days, depending on how much you want. You'll need at least one more worker for this job, so ensure your workforce doesn't run out before then!

You’ll also need an extra tumbler when you switch to harvesting a different strain/flower. This will be necessary to avoid cross-contamination.

If you have a day's worth of trimming to do, you will need to inevitably clean the tumbler at some point during the day to maintain your quality levels. Having an extra tumbler will help prevent downtime, as you can simply swap out tumblers. You can clean out the other tumbler while using the fresh one.

Last Thoughts

Now you know the essential trimming accessories that are a must-have for you! You also know why they're necessary, so all that remains is for you to go to and start buying! More than that, you get access to our experts who can help you decide what exactly you need! Shop now!

Aug 17th 2022
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