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The Ultimate Difference Between Grow Cabinets and Grow Tents

by 09 Apr 2023

The Ultimate Difference Between Grow Cabinets and Grow Tents

Gardening approaches differ from person to person. Many amateur growers prefer to preserve their initial grow and keep it compact and safe. This makes them lean towards grow tents or grow cabinets when they start growing.

Grow tents and grow cabinets both have their advantages and disadvantages. So, make sure to select the appropriate thing, as whatever you choose can directly affect the yield you may achieve with your equipment.

Our recommendation will always be a grow tent compared to a grow cabinet as it is less expensive and larger. This blog will tell you everything you want to know about grow tents and grow cabinets and will tell you why one is better than the other.

Seedling or a Sprout? Let's Find Out

A piece of sincere advice to beginners: Don't buy everything you see on the internet. You are gardening for yourself, so begin small and be smart about it. Do not buy overly expensive items like a 10 x 10 inch grow tent or a thousand dollars custom grow cabinets. Act wisely and be smart about your money because there are plenty of affordable items out there for any budget!

For optimal and reasonable tent options, be sure to visit, as it has some of the best deals. Look out for the three options of grow tents under $150 for a fair and healthy start for your very first experience. The grow tents offered at these sites are no bigger than 2x 4 or smaller than 2x 2, which is the ideal size to fit your small garden present inside your closet or at one end of a room.

Making or building your own grow cabinet would have delayed the process and made you wait longer than you would expect. But ordering online would save you some precious time as those grow cabinets are pre-made and readily shipped when orders are received.

All of the examples given above are bigger and much cheaper than the grow cabinets. These factors play a crucial role when the total yield potential is counted.

Increased grow area volume = Increased yield

A grow cabinet is capable of supporting only small plants even when a hydroponic system is added. It is even more costly as it costs plenty of dollars per cubic foot. Whereas a grow tent is much cheaper than a grow cabinet in terms of area volume and overall size.

If you have a larger space, then consider a larger tent. Different size options are available depending on your needs and budget! Read our blog on: Grow Tent Accessories That You Absolutely Need, if you have further concerns!

The Safety and Security of Your Plants

Grow cabinets can easily fit into their surroundings, which is a significant advantage of overgrowing cabinets. They can be secured using much stronger techniques. As grow tents utilize simple zippers to shut their windows and doors, the case for increasing cabinets is not the same. The grow cabinets are sturdy and reliable, with locked doors and windows with hinges; they keep the intruders away and out from the plants.

Numerous grow cabinets resemble a standard metal storing cabinet that usually will not fit or stick out in a storage room or a garage. They also cancel out a lot of light, which means that very little light will penetrate into the darkened cabinet.

But some growers get creative with their grow cabinets and use old stuff to recycle them into a grow cabinet. For example, they can use a fish tank, old wardrobes, and stereo speakers to add more stealth.

If you own a small room or a closet that you can keep secure, it is recommended to use the grow tent that easily fills up the huge room and or spaces. If security has an essential role in your growth, you can lock your tent as well. But nothing has ever beaten the protection provided by a grow tent, especially when you have children, landlords, or parents walking up to your room where you grow your plants.

So, grow cabinets win here explicitly!

Rapid Growth

Another plus point for grow tents is their ability to be upgraded and replaced. If you think that you need to expand or reduce your place, changing a grow tent is not a problem. You can easily do that as the process is quick and easy on the pockets.

Assembling and disassembling a grow tent is relatively easy and hassle-free, meaning you can double up space within a few hours. It allows you to practice perpetual growing at your end. It is that stage where you invest in two tents, one for vegetables while the other for flowers.

Investing in a new cabinet will take much longer because many pre-made cabinets are manufactured according to the orders received and have extended lead times. When compared with grow tents, their feature of adjusting the height and adding more items makes it a popular item.

Another point of difference between grow cabinets and grow tents is ventilation. As the structure of the tent is more open, it is ideal for ventilation, filters and odor control. Ventilation systems for grow cabinets are selected based on the noise output of filters and fans.

A grow cabinet that strictly follows the stealth conduct will have a noiseless fan when powered up. For instance, this is perfect for placing their growth in the bedroom or the living room.

However, the size of the tents plays a considerable role in their ventilation. The larger the tent, the bigger and noisier the fan and filters are. As light, air, and CO2 are essential elements required for plant growth, the ventilation system in a tent plays a considerable role in providing air and CO2 to its plants.

Whereas the same cannot be said for grow cabinets, as the ventilation system is pretty tight. If not built properly, the structure of the grow cabinet can significantly hinder the plants' growth.

For details, you can follow our blog on: Using CO2 in a Grow Tent/ Grow Room.

Grow Cabinets or Tents? Which One Is the Best?

You are now more aware of the different grow tents and cabinets on offer, so it must be easier for your decision-making process to know all this information! If you're still unsure and have doubts regarding your choice, the team at is always here to help you.

We at own a wide variety of tools and techniques to help you get started with your first growth or help you enhance or ease your growing processes. Call us today at 866-GRO-INDR, and we will guide you to choose the best products for you!

Sep 7th 2022
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