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The Ultimate Comparison Between Wet and Dry Trims

by 09 Apr 2023

The Ultimate Comparison Between Wet and Dry Trims

One of the most asked questions among farmers and growers is, Which is Better - Wet Trim or Dry Trim? There are two sides to every coin, which means each technique has its pros and cons. Every farmer or grower uses them according to their preference and satisfaction. Although it can be judged on various things, the most important aspects are how you plan to use the flowers, your grow's yield size, and of course, your preference. Let's begin with listing down the basic differences of wet and dry trimming and their positives and negatives.

Comparing Wet Trim with Dry Trim

If you have been planting for a while, you must be aware of these terms or must have understood what they mean just by reading their names. But if you are a newbie and are not aware of the terms, let's break it down; the only difference between the two techniques is WHEN you trim your flower. In wet trimming, you trim your plants in its earlier stages, trim off all fan leaves, neatly manicure the bud, and then let the plant dry. Whereas in dry trimming, you trim your plant when it is wet. You wait until the moisture level reaches a part when the flower can be manicured to perfection according to your satisfaction.

Wet Vs. Dry Trim Which Is Better?

Personal preference is all that matters. So, the entire discussion of which is the best and which isn't is not relevant. But, if you plant a crop that grows into a large item, you might face difficulty in drying the entire crop, or it might take too much time to dry up. So, the best method to trim your plant is when it is wet and dry the trimmings later on. To assist you in making the right decision for your plants and your planting techniques, we will layout the smallest detail of both techniques.

Advantages Of Using Wet Trims

Wet trims are the most widely used and recommended growing technique among growers. Wet trims give off a high rate of trichome preservation and fast-paced harvesting, which is why they are highly demanded and are considered more superior than the other. Wet trimming is perfect for commercial growers as it tends to 'puff out' the buds, making it appear large in size and more aesthetic.

In addition to that, wet trims also remove a lot of water content from the plants, making the drying process faster than usual.

Disadvantages Of Using Wet Trims

There are always two sides to a story; similarly, wet trimming may have some disadvantages. First off, it is way messier than the dry trimming technique. The wet material tends to stick to the scissors and builds upon it, resulting in jamming the scissors or rusting them. Cleaning and taking care of the scissors will become a regular requirement if you continue using the wet trimming technique.

Another important issue that cannot be neglected is that wet trimming adds more labor to the job, as it involves immediate work. Using this technique can be exhausting as it makes a person do a lot in a short period.

Advantages Of Using Dry Trims

Just like wet trimming, the dry trimming technique also has some advantages. The best part of dry trimming is that you do not have to wait for the water content to dry out and let it dry immediately after you chop the plant. The drying process is delayed and slowed down while using this technique, which reserves the terpenes making the consumption more enjoyable ad fun. As mentioned earlier, this technique is much cleaner than the other one. As it is easy to trim off sticky and harden trichomes, the pieces of equipment you use do not get dirty and require little or no care for their maintenance.

Disadvantages Of Using Dry Trims

The disadvantages of dry trimming include damaging the trichomes. This happens because your flower has dried out, which hardens trichomes making it sensitive, delicate, and easily breakable. So, dry trimming requires lots of attention and caution. This process also requires a lot of space to hang your plants to dry out. Space tends to be an issue for growers growing in limited areas, which makes it difficult and tricky to hang their large plants.

Wet Or Dry Trimming - Which Is Perfect For Commercial Harvesting?

Although there are many techniques to consider in commercial harvesting, wet and dry trimming remains important. Commercial farmers harvest very frequently or every other week, due to which wet trimming is most popular among commercial growers. Wet trimming allows you to trim the plant faster, let it dry at its own pace, and decrease the plant's leafy material during the flower stage. This means you can deliver your plant to the market quicker than usual. However, there will be terpene loss at some level due to wet trimming.

You lose terpenes because, while drying an already trimmed flower, there will be a shortage of sugar leaves to preserve the terpenes. And a lot of flavor and aroma are lost while quick drying. This makes the flower have less bag appeal, which leads to less demand and consequently a cheap sale. Whereas if you choose to dry trim your harvest, the flower's quality is much better as the slow drying process preserves terpenes. Earlier, commercial growers did not prefer dry trimming as it had a reputation for damaging the trichomes. The concept behind having damaged trichomes was that since the dried flower is easily breakable, the tumbling takes off more trichomes. However, this not correct. Many trimming machines are optimized to dry trim, which means they won't damage your trichomes. The only downside of dry trimming is that it requires more space to dry, which is difficult for farmers with less space.

In a nutshell, dry trim produces a greater quality flower but requires a lot of space to dry. At the same time, the wet trim is faster but does not produce a good quality flower.

Use Both For Best Outcomes!

An alternate option is to remove fan leaves right before harvesting the plant, which speeds up the drying process. This means you get less loss on trichomes as the sugar leaves protect them. So, get the best of both wet and dry trims!

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