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Step By Step Guide to Measure and Adjust pH for Gardening

by 09 Apr 2023

Step By Step Guide to Measure and Adjust pH for Gardening

Most growers can be extremely quick to judge their plants' sickness with diseases like fusarium or verticillium. However, the root cause can also be your abnormal pH level. As growers, you must know how you can measure and adjust your garden's pH with these effective steps. Then, just follow the instruction manual provided by the manufacturers on your pH pen, and you're good to go!

Let us discuss how you can perform testing by using a pH pen from Bluelab. So, acquire the necessary tools like pH Pen, testing solution for pH, and pH Up-and-down solutions manufactured by General Hydroponics.

First Step: Inspect your pH Pen

The first order of business is to turn on your unit and make sure that it's operating the right way. In other words, a non-operational probe should not appear when you measure the pH level of your plants. Another point to note is that your probe not be cloudy for optimum results.

Second Step: Calibrating your pH Pen

The next step is that your pen needs to be calibrated properly before you begin to use it. All you need is a pH-calibrating solution to make sure that it's calibrated. If it's not properly calibrated, then it's mandatory that you calibrate it before testing.

Third Step: Stir Up the pH calibration Solution for Calibrating your pH Solution

Check out our blog on Calibrating pH pens for further guidance. Remember to follow the manufacturer's instructions and keep the pen at the center of the location to attain accurate readings.

Fourth Step: Adjusting the pH Level of your Calibrating Solution

Now that you've managed to do all the prerequisites to perfectly calibrate your pH solution, the hard part begins! Experts suggest that you start slow and don't overshoot by incorporating excess Up or Down pH. However, if you end up mistakenly overshooting it, dispose of that solution and begin from scratch!

Fifth Step: Taking Another Reading

Now that you've adjusted your pH solution, it's time to take another shot with your pH pen. This is the moment of truth! If you're not getting the right value, you must repeat steps four and five until you get your desired pH value.

Step Six: Recording Your Value and Storing the pH Pen

Most good growers record their solution's pH value for future reference. However, keep in mind that measuring the pH value is a process to implement regularly. So, if you want to calibrate a similar solution, you know where to begin! And then, you can store your pH pen inside a solution to keep it from drying out!

So, want to learn more about gardening tasks like these, visit our website GroIndoor.com, or connect with us at 866-GRO-INDR!

Sep 22nd 2022
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