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Solventless Extraction by Rosin Press – Best of 2022

by 09 Apr 2023

Solventless Extraction by Rosin Press Best of 2022

Are you looking for the finest rosin press for solventless extraction? We assure you that the sheer number of possibilities on the market will overwhelm you while you look for the best press rosin. Whether looking for personal or commercial rosin press, our list has many options for everyone. You can reach out and ask for help from our experts by just dialing 866-GRO-INDR at Besides this, we have put together our list of popular press rosin in 2022.

Before looking into our list, let's cover some basic information on solventless extraction rosin press that can come in handy.

Complete Guide on How Rosin Presses Work

In the extraction of rosins from fresh flowers or dry sift, the factors that play an essential role are heat and pressure. Their relation between the two elements is inversely proportional. The more pressure you extract rosin, the less heat you need and vice versa.

After knowing the effect of two factors on the extraction process, you might be thinking, what temperature is ideal for press rosins? The answer is to use lower heat as too much heat burns terpenes and other compounds that make rosins so sought after.

For flowers: 220 °F to 240 °F

For dry sift: 180 °F to 210 °F

Minimize the degradation of terpenes and other compounds by removing the plate's rosins once you finish the pressing. Pure pressure creates some incredible gold plates which can place your rosin after pressing to speedy cooling.

Further, there is a relationship between temperature and pressure. You need more pressure and longer pressing if you want a cold press. Excess pressure can cause some issues that we discuss in detail below.

How much Pressure do you require to Press Rosin?

The pressure you need for pressing depends upon the temperature and the medium you are pressing.

For flowers, you need higher pressure of between 600 1000 Psi (Pounds per square inch). Further, the pressure of dry sift is approximately 800 psi, which is comparatively less than flowers. Too much compression leads to lower yield, impurities extract, poor taste, and lower quality as you fold plant material into the rosins.

Features of Rosin Press

When choosing a rosin press, you need to consider few things. Let us discuss them one by one.

1. Plate Shape

Firstly, you need to know what structure plates are best for the extraction. Therefore, the structure that works best for press rosin is rectangular narrower and longer. The plate shape increases the area of your press, therefore greater extraction. Therefore, a rectangular shape works better than a square plate.

2. Even Distribution of Heat

Your press should have even heat distribution for the best rosin extraction. Many cheap rosin presses fail to distribute even heat. Heat works to extract rosin by melting the trichomes and another compound in dense form. You can change the consistency of matter by changing the temperature.

3. Sustainability

Consider your options carefully before purchasing a rosin press because they may be rather expensive. All the press rosins that we are discussing here are designed by renowned manufacturers and stand the test of time. Further, for your ease we will update the list periodically along with the product update.

Best Rosin Press of 2022

Here, you can find a list of the best rosin press considering the type, temperature, and cost. You can determine which will work best for you as per your need.

Handheld Rosins Press Best of All

Many harvesters may want to press some of their remaining trim into rosins. Choose one of the best rosins presses from our site that you will find below. We have some rosin presses for a few grams in small batches. These are the best handheld rosins press that converts your harvest into tasty extract.

Starter Set Ju1ceBox Handheld Rosin Press

The Ju1ce box is the best option for smaller harvests and is useful when growers want to press some rosins here and there. On normal, you can press 1-2 grams of material to give you rosin in a small batch. With unique features slope 45-degree, the oil will rapidly ooze out of place on a cooler surface to prevent terpenes and potency from degrading.

It is convenient, and there are two options: Ju1ceBox starter kit includes some extra tools essential that are:

  • Packs of Boveda
  • Parchment paper
  • Pre-press made up of stainless steel
  • Mat, sticker, and container
  • Doubled sided tool
  • Travel carrier for when you need to press

Manual Rosin Press

Manual rosin presses are cheap and require some work at your end. Manual-type press rosins are best for home growers. Let's highlight two presses here:

The uncontaminated pressure Helix 5-ton manual press is the best manual press. Plate-sized 7" x 2.5" dual heated aluminum material plate gives you control over your rosin production. Heat distribution is between 0-300 degrees. You can control the force and automation with this press.

Therefore, it is worth investing in machines. Save litter more and invest in its little brother Helix 3 rosin press.

Hydraulic Rosin Press

Hydraulic Rosin Press is the popular press in the market. These use hydraulic pressure generated by a hand-manual pump or even an electric pump. Both home and commercial extractors use this press. It doesn't take much space as an electric and pneumatic press because it doesn’t use an air compressor. But what is the best one?

One of the top and best names is Sasquash V2.0, which has the capability two pressing up to 2 ounces of flower at once. This hydraulic press can be used with a manual hand pump, electronically, or pneumatic accompanied by the air compressor. This unit is quite larger, weighing in at 170lbs.

Pneumatic Rosin Press

Pneumatic press rosin creates massive pressure with the use of an air compressor. The pneumatic press uses a pneumatic cylinder that requires no oiling and is best for commercial extraction.

Pure Pressure Long Peak is the best pneumatic rosin press you can buy. Press 35-gram ounces at once. It uses 10" x 3" heated plates that produce quantity with quality. You can alter its automated pressure control from the manual.

The slight down version of the long peak is Pikes Peak, which is available at less price than the long one. It is not wrong to say it is another exceptional press from the pneumatic category.

Electric Rosin Press

That category doesn't require a pump electric rosin press. It is the newest and talk of the town in the industry. It is very popular among home and hobby growers. Easy to plug and use.

They are widely known for buckers and trimmers. Terminator manufacturer an incredible set of rosin presses. Terminator 25 Ton Dual Heat Plate Rosin Press is diverse and can be used manually, electrically, and for hydraulic pumps. Six into ten-inch dual heat plates produce 25 tons of force. Save your terpenes by high pressure and less use of heat.

Another biggest version of this one is “The Terminator TRP Stack Rosin Press." Terminator's easy pivot drip tech system is its highlighting feature. Permit the rosin to immediately fall to a colder surface after compressing and preserving terpenes.

Rosin Press below $500

Most of the press rosin are pricey but are the best in their class. There are a few less pricey presses, too, such as “NugSmasher - Mini 2 Ton manual rosin”. It is a bit over 500$, but it's budget-friendly. Perfect for home growers. NugSmasher is smaller but can produce 2tons. NugSmasher rosin presses are easy to operate with aluminum construction and circuit protection.

Start pressing right away; choose from the best available press rosins.

Want to know more?

Now that you know all about rosin presses for all types, you can pick the one that fits your requirement. On our website, you can check our blogs and learn about different types of rosins.

Aug 12th 2022
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