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Plants and Silicon Nutrient Deficiencies

by 09 Apr 2023

Plants and Silicon Nutrient Deficiencies

Most plant growers don't know that silicon has been considered extensively for the growth of many plants. In fact, its benefits have been acknowledged by several agriculture experts and experienced growers today. From contributing to the plant's enhancing strength to increasing its quality and resistance to different stresses, silicon-based nutrients can be beneficial. Apart from these factors, you can also add a silica supplement into your feeding schedule for additional benefits.

Why is Silicon Element Essential for Your Plant's growth?

The silicon nutrient gets absorbed in silicic acid to the hydrated amorphous silica present in the plant's cell walls. Some experts claim that this nutrient's presence improves the plant's cell wall's strength and leaf erectness.

Silicon then stimulates the plant's photosynthesis process with nutrient uptake. Plants induced with silica are extensively stronger and produce healthier and richer fruits and flowers. Another point to note is that silicon also increases plants' ability to tolerate heat and drought conditions. Keep in mind that silicon isn't mandatory for a plant's growth. It works in tandem with zinc, manganese, and boron, which interacts with plants more consistently.

You must also be aware that silicon deficiencies aren't rare; since silicon is the second most found element inside the earth's crust. It's also significantly found in soil, so it undeniably affects the plant one way or another. But how can you identify silicon deficiency? Let's find out!

Silicon Deficiency in Plants

Silicon deficits affect roots, stems, new leaves, and malformations. The malformation can be in the form of hardening, warping, and even thickening at times. If plants don't have silicon-based nutrients embedded in them, they have a high risk of being weaker structurally.

Counteracting with Silicon Deficiency

If you end up with silicon deficiency, then potassium silicate is the best possible solution. This solution is extremely beneficial for your plant. From making them stronger and larger to enhancing their resiliency from pests and diseases, the solution does it all! Growers must also realize that they can't include silicon in their regular feed schedule due to its higher pH level. Instead, they can use the silicon supplement with equal benefits.

To Sum it Up

You now know the benefits of adding silicon-based nutrients to your soil, along with the hydroponic plants. Nonetheless, good growers know how to spot deficiency and what remedial steps are to counteract the problem. All you have to do is acquire the mandatory tools to keep them in their best health.

Do you want to learn more about Nutritional Deficiencies in Plants? If so, then read our article on Nutrient Deficiency and also about Micro vs. Macronutrients. Or visit our website or connect with us at 866-GRO-INDR for more information on plant growth.

Aug 27th 2022
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