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Increasing Flower Density using a Bud Hardener?

by Kunal Khatri 09 Apr 2023

Increasing Flower Density using a Bud Hardener?

Pouring your heart and soul into your grow and ending up with popcorn light and fragile bud? Many growers have the same complaint. Below we discuss how you can grow a fat bigger & denser bud Before we do that, let us talk about why this is important. The apparent reason is that no one wants light airy weak bud.

The solution is pretty simple: A Bud hardener. If you have all your other grow factors dialed in and are using the best seeds but still cannot seem to get the results you want, a bud hardener might be what you are missing.

Before we get into the Whys and Whats of Bud Hsupplement with CO2ardeners, let us first understand the factors that affect the flower density.

Factors that affect Flower Density?

Growing a healthy and dense flower involves many factors that you need to keep in mind. These include:


The key to growing a high-quality plant is pushing the specific seed's limits to maximize its genetic potential. If youre working with a sub-par strain then there isn’t much you can do. With old weak clones or seeds, the results will always be disappointing. You can use the best grow lights, the best nutrients, dial-in VPD, and supplement with CO2 you still won't get anywhere when the seed lacks the genetic potential.

Plant Nutrition and Bud Density

Low-quality fertilizers, or those in the incorrect ratios, can affect your flowers' bud density, resulting in lackluster buds.

Many people understand and acknowledge the effects of under-feeding the plant with fertilizer. However, some people seem to miss how overfeeding the plant can be just as detrimental.

Did you know, overfeeding plants with Nitrogen results in lean and thin buds? We suggest checking out our article on the ideal nutrient ratios across different growth stages to avoid this ordeal.

Grow Lights and Bud Density

Choosing the right to grow lights is vital if you want dense buds. Weak grow lights cannot give you the same result as they cannot adequately penetrate through the canopy, only reaching the plant's top-most parts. Similarly, not following a light schedule according to your plant's needs can also inhibit growth.

An easy fix for this is plant training, using LED, CMH, or HPS grow lights. If you want to learn more about grow lights, we recommend reading our yearly review on the best LED grow lights.

What Is A Bud Hardener?

A bud hardener is an additive you can use at the end of the flowering cycle to dense up your flowers and also add weight.

They are generally used in the last 3 weeks of the grow cycle, ad contain a mix of macronutrients, micronutrients, minerals, necessary oils, and so on.

They help reduce stress on your plants, while not making them denser, but help with increasing terpene as well as flavonoid creation too!

Should I Use A Hardener?

A big percentage of new growers are dissatisfied with their yields and quality, and the knee jerk reaction is to begin feeding your plants all kinds of additives.

The fact is, no amount of bud hardener can rectify the issue of substandard genetics, illumination, environmental protections, nutrients, etc.

You have to get essentials right. If you have done everything else right, then attempt incorporating in a bud hardener to cram on additional weight to your flowers in the last few weeks.

The Best Bud Hardeners for your Plant

Now that you know what mistakes to avoid resulting in weak buds, we have compiled a list of the best bud hardeners to increase the flower density drastically.

These supplements can work wonders for your plant; a few of our favorites include:

Another great additive to help you get the buds you desire is Hydroplex. This extraordinary supplement is full of amino acids and essential minerals necessary for your plant's buds.

Together, these elements work their magic to amplify the chlorophyll, terpenes, and sugars in the bud.

Hawaiian bud provides your plant with the phosphate and potash it needs to ripen its bud. It contains useful compounds such as kelp and humic acid that increase the flower density.

Its formula is ideal for aromatic buds, and the lack of urea prevents root burn in your plant.

Last but certainly not least: Beastie Bloomz. This bud hardener contains just the right amount of Phosphorus and Potassium that allow your plant to reach its genetic potential.

To get the best results, feed your plant this hardener in the final 2-3 weeks, and sit back as it grows into a fully-bloomed, dense flower.

The Bottom Line: GroIndoor.com has got everything for your Bud hardening needs!

The Bud Hardeners we mentioned above are great for your plant, but remember that you can not outgrow bad genes. There is no point in investing in a bud hardener if you do not have the right genetics, lighting, and environment dialed in. GroIndoor.com has everything you might ever need for your buds, from grow lights to bud hardeners. Shop today at GroIndoor.com

May 4th 2021
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