Learning to control odor in your grow tent is essential for indoor growers. If you don’t know how to control odor in your grow tent, these tips might help you. – Gro Indoor
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How To Control Odor In Your Grow Tent - Tips For Fighting Plant Smells

by 09 Apr 2023

How To Control Odor In Your Grow Tent - Tips For Fighting Plant Smells

Growing plants indoors can be challenging, especially with all the plant smells. However, if the flower smell doesn't bother you, congratulations! You are immune to something that makes growing plants indoors very difficult to most of the growers. If not contained properly, the smell of your plants can linger throughout your whole house. Therefore, it's crucial to control odor in your grow tent.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to control the odor in your grow tent. But, before we move forward with the tips on how to minimize the smell of your plants, you first need to understand why controlling the odor in your grow tent is important.

Importance of Controlling Grow Room Odor

For the majority of indoor growers, controlling excessive odors can be difficult. There can many be many reasons why you don't want the plant odor to go out of control, such as:

Respect for your neighbors - It's possible that your neighbors are nice and polite people. Even if they haven't complained about it, you need to avoid everything and anything that may cause inconvenience to them. Even if your neighbors have no clue about your plants, that doesn't mean they never will; if the smell of a flower doesn't bother you, great! But that's not the case with everyone. If you don't live in a complex, you need to be more careful because there might be buildings nearby, and you cannot risk anyone finding out.

Security ' That’s probably the most obvious of all the reasons why you need to learn to control odor in your grow tent. The smell of your plant can compromise your security in many ways, and you also don’t want to make it too obvious that you have an indoor grow. Whether your state allows it or not, dealing with legal hassles is just not worth it.

Poor Ventilation Issue - If you are generating excess odor in your environment, which might be an indication of something wrong in your ventilation system. The issue might be associated with excess heat, improper ventilation set-up, or poor air circulation. If the smell in your grow tent is more than usual, we recommend investigating the issue and getting it fixed.

Ways to Control Odor in Your Grow Tent

Growers can control odors in the smelly grow tent because there are numerous ways to do so. Some of these tips are quick fixes, while others are more thorough and require complete overhauls.

Machines like air purifiers and ozone generators are designed to remove pesky odors from your grow tent. In general, grow room odor control can be broken down into two categories:

  • Covering or Masking the odors
  • Eliminating the odors altogether

Remember, the amount of effort and time you need to put in to control the grow tent odor is proportional to your space, size, and the number of plants you have. It goes without saying that the more plants you have, the less problematic the situation will be.

Here are some effective ways to fight the odors in your grow tent.

Dialing in your Environment

There is no denying that excess odor can result in a poor environment. Imagine living in a place with excess heat, no proper air circulation, or exhaustion not only is this an unhealthy environment for you, but it can also be harmful to your plants.

Therefore, it is imperative to ensure your environment is in top-notch condition before taking a deep dive into odor-control methods. Start by checking the humidity and temperature levels first and make sure that moisture and heat aren’t making the situation worse.

Next, you need to look at how much air is being circulated. Remember, stagnant air stinks more than moving air.

Let’s suppose you have a 10x10 grow room with a couple of clip-on fans. Therefore, you need to increase the movement of air with more powerful fans.

If you think the environment needs fixing, here are some things you may want to purchase:

Carbon Filter and Inline Fan

The easiest method to control odor in your grow tent is to use a carbon filter and an inline fan. These are two of the major components that make up your ventilation system. In addition to ducting, you need to work towards expelling odors and heat out of your grow tent or room.

The inline fans use the carbon filter to pull the air. They help scrub the air of odors as it gets ducted out of your grow room or grow tent. This can remove stagnant, old, and smelly air from the grow room and allow fresh air to enter either actively or passively.

Follow our post on how to set up your ventilation system if you want the details.

Surface and Air Purifiers

Not only a popular choice among home growers, surface and air purifiers are common among commercial grows as well. They work to make the air in the grow room better by going above and beyond in removing plant odors. Other than odors, these products are most useful in removing pollen, dust, bacteria, viruses, smoke, and mold.

If you have large grow rooms, only then opt for this solution because it is on the more expensive side than other products on our list. These are not suitable for small-scale growth and wouldn't fit in the space anyway.

Ozone Generators

Another less commonly used method for controlling room odor is using a grow room ozone generator.

In an ozone generator, ozone molecules (03) - known for their antibacterial properties - are present. Ozone is used to remove odors from your grow tent. These generators are powerful enough to combat contaminants like pests, odors, and bacteria while simultaneously purifying the air.

One of the main reasons why ozone generators are widely used in commercial growth is that they are designed to work within your growth space. They are by far the most technologically advanced method for eliminating grow room odors, and that's why they are costly.

Looking to Control Odors in your Grow Room? Groindoor.com has got you Covered!

While there are many effective ways for you to control odors in your room and eliminate smells, the best way is to keep check of the environment. Make sure the atmosphere is top-notch, and you are using a carbon filter and inline fan. Not only will this require less work and time, but it will also offer the best possible results.

We hope these tips will give you the best returns on your investments and keep your growing space discreet and healthy.

Aug 30th 2022
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