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How to Clean Your Grow Tent

by Kunal Khatri 09 Apr 2023

How to Clean Your Grow Tent

Learning how to clean your grow tent is something every grower should know. Unfortunately, it is also something that often goes overlooked. Today, we will discuss the basics of how you can clean your grow tent in the best way possible

Cleaning your grow tent is important for several reasons, and there are also many ways to do it. However, the process is a bit more complicated than cleaning a dead plant off the floor or using a wet paper towel to wipe the canvas of your tent. If you're struggling to clean your grow tent, we have a few tricks up our sleeves that might make things easier for you.

Before we begin, let’s try to understand why cleaning your grow tent should be a routine.

Why Is Routine Cleaning of Your Grow Tent Important?

If you’re an indoor grower, chances are you constantly need to remove the dead foliage fallen from your plants. While cleaning your grow tent every now and then seems exhausting, there is a reason why it’s important to do it at least once every grow cycle.

For starters, a clean, grow tent prevents any bacteria and pathogens from developing. Suppose you don’t have a clean grow tent. In that case, the plants you bring in the next growing cycle will be more susceptible to powdery mildew, a very common developing issue among plants.

Secondly, not cleaning your grow tent increases the risk of insects and their eggs left behind. Therefore, it’s important for you to clean your grow tent to prevent common grow room pests and diseases. What if you encounter any diseases or pests in your grow tent? In that case, you need to thoroughly disinfect the area after you’ve taken all the plants out of the grow tent.

All in all, cleaning your grow tent can eliminate old grow media, prevent bugs and diseases, and remove any foliage that might be present.

What Is the Best Way to Clean Your Grow Tent?

Now, as you may have a much better understanding of why it is important to clean your grow tent, you might be thinking, “What’s the best way to do it?” Chances are, you are also just realizing that the process involves more steps than you previously imagined.

If you want your grow tent to be cleaned completely, you need to clean every single component, including:

• Saucers, pots, hydroponic systems/component

• The canvas of the tent’s interior

• Fans and filters

Cleaning the Tent Interior with A Disinfectant

The first thing you need to do is get everything out of the tent to have access to the canvas. There are certain products you can use to make tent cleaning easier. If you want to get dirt and grime off the walls of your grow tent, you can use plain water. However, you will not be able to kill any pathogens or bacteria. Your cleaning process will not be complete unless you have removed all the bacteria or pathogens.

To get the job done, we recommend using hydrogen peroxide. Make a solution of bleach and hydrogen peroxide to get the job done. Buy grow room cleaners if you want the highest chances of success. Here are a few great options:

Biosafe GreenClean Acid Cleaner Use it on irrigation lines, conveyors, piping systems, stainless steel equipment, vats, and greenhouse surfaces.

BioSafe SaniDate 5.0' A versatile sanitizer, cleaner, and broad-spectrum disinfectant for non-porous, hard surfaces.

BioSafe GreenClean Alkaline Cleaner To be used on greenhouse structures, glass, walkways, floors, and more.

Clean Your Intake Vents and Filters

Cleaning your intakes is imperative, as these are more likely to accumulate gunk and pathogens at a more rapid rate since this is the area where most of the air enters. If you don’t clean these intakes properly, you leave the tent more susceptible to pathogens and pests.

Using a vacuum can clean the vents properly. Spraying grow room cleaner all over the tent will help you wipe everything thoroughly. When it comes to cleaning intake filters, most growers prefer to buy a new one rather than cleaning them. Given how cheap the replacements are, replacing them seems a lot more convenient. A clean filter ensures all the spores, dust, and impurities don’t enter the tent. Over time, if the filters are left unclean, they can stop working effectively. They may even get clogged. This can also lead the intake fan to suck all the gunk that clogged your filter in the first place.

Clean Your Saucers, Garden Pots, and Hydroponic Systems

One of the most important steps in cleaning your grow tent is cleaning your saucers, garden pots, and hydroponic systems. Depending on how and what you grow in your grow tent, there can be all kinds of deposits and salt buildups. Remember, colonies of bacteria and pathogens can develop if you leave your tent unclean and leave the buildup as it is.

Cleaning is a lot easier when you have standard saucers and pots. All you need to do is scrub them properly outside the tent and spray the disinfectant, leaving them to dry in the sun.

You can follow similar steps when you use fabric pots or simply put them in the washing machine.

Cleaning the hydroponic system is a bit more thorough process. You need to run pure water through the system set up a few times. This will get the gunk out, and then you spray the whole thing with a disinfectant like BioSafe GreenClean Acid Clean through to purge the lines.

The Bottom Line: Has Got You Covered!

Now that you know how to clean your grow tent, you can finally get started. Groindoor has everything that you may require to ensure your grow tent is spotless. Need tools and equipment to begin? We’ve got you covered. Visit our website today, and learn more about how to clean your grow tent this holiday season!

May 4th 2021
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