Growstones are two of the most popular grow mediums used in plant pots. If you want to learn about their differences and similarities, this article is for you. – Gro Indoor
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Growstones Vs. Clay Pebbles: Similarities and Differences

by 09 Apr 2023

Growstones Vs. Clay Pebbles: Similarities and Differences

Growstones and clay pebbles are two distinct types of grow media. They are used in anchoring the roots of a plant in a hydroponic system. They are generally added to the porous net pot container, allowing the roots to grow freely and easily reach the nutrient-rich solution. The container ensures the plants remain stable and stay in position firmly.

Both these mediums can be pH neutral, allowing more robust root development with better aeration. Clay pebbles and Growstones are both essential components of deep-water culture and other hydroponic systems.

Clay pebbles and growstones are similar in many cases, but there are some differences between them.

Differences between Clay Pebbles and Growstones

Clay Pebbles

Also known as hydroton, clay pebbles have been a popular choice among growers for decades and have been popular in hydroponic systems. These pebbles are made of red clay and are very durable in nature. They have a smooth surface with minimal pores allowing them to grip less on the root of plants. On the other hand, Clay pebbles are easier to remove from roots than Growstones; thus, they are easier to reuse and clean.

Clay pebbles are relatively heavier than Growstones, which leads to their higher shipping cost. At, we offer a wide variety of clay pebbles for you to buy.


In many ways, Growstones are superior to clay pebbles. Most importantly, the porous, irregular, and rough shape allows the plants' roots to adhere to them significantly tighter than clay pebbles.

Because of their structure and shape, the results are stronger and more stable plant roots. They also allow better aeration to their roots, helping them avoid overwatering in a hydroponic system. Growstones are also eco-friendly, chemical-free, and non-toxic as they are made from recycled glass in the United States.

How to Clean and pH Balance both Clay Pebbles and Growstones?

It's important to ensure that the growing media has a balanced pH and is clean before being used. The majority of grow media contain traces of small particles when they come out of the manufacturing process.

To avoid any clogging inside pumps and hydroponic plumbing, these particles need to be cleaned off. Media like Growstones, when brand new, tend to have a high pH value, which needs to be stabilized by soaking and rinsing in a pH solution.

You can also buy a low pH solution to lower the pH of the Growstones. Only when the pH levels reach 5.8 are they ready to use.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through our website at or call us at 866-GRO-INDR. We hope this helped you, and now you have a better understanding of clay pebbles and Growstones.

Sep 17th 2022
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