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Cheap and Effective Grow Room Controllers in 2022

by 09 Apr 2023

Cheap and Effective Grow Room Controllers in 2022

Gardening can be a cumbersome process, especially if you don't have the right tools to do it. Replacing the manual processes, the world has taken a turn towards automation with the grow room controllers.

In 2022, you have different tools for gardening where you can reduce human errors saving your time and energy.

You can control every parameter that affects your plant's health, like humidity, temperature, light, and CO2 using grow room controllers.

However, some of you may think that gardening automation requires an expenditure of big dollars. Therefore, here is a guide to the best grow room controllers that are super effective as well as come at a reasonable price.

This list of nine best grow room controllers can ensure peace of mind for you when it comes to automated gardening.

Titan Controls Apollo 8: Two Outlet 24-Hour Timer

Apollo 8 is a simple grow room controller with ninety-six on and off trippers and has two outlets. The degree of accuracy for this controller is fifteen minutes.

Furthermore, Apollo 8 comes with many perks for gardeners as it can easily control CO2, lights, humidifiers, and any other parameters. Therefore, the design of Apollo 8 is user-friendly with easy setup and configuration.

Additionally, it utilizes only one plug of your wall socket adds up to your convenience.

Further, it also gives you the freedom to switch between the timer mode and 'always on' mode as per your requirements and convenience.

With the switch at the side of Apollo 8, you can switch between the different timer modes.

Titan Controls Apollo 9: Two Outlet Digital Timer

Titan Controls Apollo 9 offers eight different schedules every day and has an interval of one minute.

Further, this gadget has the extra bonus of offering a power backup option and using batteries to preserve timer settings in the event of a power outage.

Additionally, it has a one-year warranty and is dust- and moisture-resistant as it comes with a plastic enclosure.

You can use Apollo 9 to power things like fans, pumps, light movers, CO2 generators, ozone producers, and more.

Titan Controls Apollo 14: 8 Outlet Power Strip with Timer

Apollo 14 provides eight outlets in total, including four timed and four always-on outlets. If you want to run multiple fans or pumps, then Apollo 14 is for you.

Further, it has a mechanical analog timer with a 24-hour format and fifteen-minute intervals. This grows room controller's outlets are all 1,000 joules protected.

Additionally, for added safety, the power switch has circuit breaker protection.

C.A.P. TMP-1 Cooling & Healing Controller, 50-115F, 15 amp@120vac

C.A.P. TMP-1 grow room controller offers versatility and ease of use due to its compatibility with A/C units, exhaust fans, and heaters.

The user may easily switch between the heating and cooling modes thanks to a flip switch. Hence, it's the ideal complement to your growth area because of its compact form, functionality, and ease of use.

Additionally, it has a three-inch remote control with a 50'115 °F temperature range.

Titan Controls Mercury 4: Fan Speed Controller

Mercury 4 is one of the greatest multi-function fan speed controllers because of how convenient and simple it is to use.

Further, it includes a unique "fire-up" feature that, upon startup, increases the speed of your fan to its maximum before gradually reducing it to the appropriate fan speed setting on the dial.

Therefore, this feature's clever load management of the electricity increases Mercury 4's lifespan.

Further, Mercury 4 includes a photocell that keeps it running in accordance with the schedule of your grow light.

Additionally, the plastic enclosure makes it resistant to moisture and dust. Further, it also comes with a temperature sensor built into its circuitry.

Autopilot analog 24-hour Day and Night Cooling/Heating Thermostat

With Autopilot analog, you have the freedom to choose from various temperature settings according to the time of the day. The photocell in this grow room controller controls and automatically maintains the temperature settings.

Therefore, you can easily turn the temperature up or down (45 degrees F to 95 degrees F) using temperature knobs.

You can see updated user settings in the front LED panel. The autopilot system makes the product even more affordable.

Along with being user-friendly, it offers three years warranty.

Grozone controls TP3 High-Temperature Shut-Off Tempstat

Grozone controls TP3 can automatically shut down the lighting and other equipment when it detects high temperatures.

Upon turning off, it has a standard procedure of turning back on, which usually takes about thirty minutes.

Further, you can restart it manually, with a temperature setback of 5 or 10 degrees C to 3 or 5 degrees C.

It comes under a three-year warranty.

Sentinel GPS BHC-1a PB Basic Humidity Controller (Plug Box)

You can use the Sentinel controller to control dehumidifiers, fans, misters, humidifiers, and other equipment that you use for ventilation in places like greenhouses, gardens, grow rooms, and other environments.

Furthermore, it offers humidifying and dehumidifying features that can also be switched quickly using a visible switch located at its side.

Additionally, its dials are easy to read, making the switching between night and daytime simple. Its three-function LED tells the users about main power, operational, and day or night sensor settings.


Along with your manual effort, automation can aid your garden, making the process easier and more convenient.

Therefore, automation can be the best way for a plant lover to take care of the plants' health as the days get busy.

After you install your best grow room controller, you give a better care facility to your plants.

Jul 22nd 2022
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