Contrary to popular belief, hemp has many medicinal uses other than recreational smoking. The plant is consumable, leaving behind no waste. It is popular with farmers due to the large profit margins. – Gro Indoor
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All about Growing Hemp

by 09 Apr 2023

All about Growing Hemp

What do you think of when you hear the word hemp? If it rings profit and high yields, then you have come to the right place.

Growing Hemp Crops Indoors

Maintaining a controlled climate and environment will result in the best growth for your hemp plants. Using grow lights for germinating seeds is going to be faster than using sunlight. You can alternatively start the seeds indoors, and once they have hardened, you can move the plants outdoors. You should be propagating indoors first to maximize yields and then move the started plant outside.

Hemp Propagation Supplies and Grow Lights

There are two main pieces of equipment you need to start the plant indoors. First is a propagation tray, which can hold many plants at the same time. Secondly, you need a set of indoor grow lights on the trays to ensure consistent lights for their growth.

Fluorescent bulbs are super-efficient and consume little energy, making them great for growing hemp inside. You can check some of our fine selection of CFLs and T5 fluorescent grow lights. For a more powerful option, check MH and HPS grow lights. These are more intense and produce more heat, as well.

Nothing can beat LED grow lights. They are the most efficient and throw no heat, yet their lights cover the entire color spectrum and are as bright as HID lights. You can be sure of getting the best of the best at

The Best Equipment for Hemp Extraction & Harvest

At, you will find everything you need for your trim, process, & extract needs. We also have equipment for extracting hemp oil. Have some burning questions? The following should answer:

Suitable Time for Hemp Growth

Hemp grows fast, like a few months or even some days. Some varieties can have a harvest ready in less than two months. Farmers love growing hemp for this reason and many other reasons, so it is increasing in popularity.

We will also show you just how much money you can expect to make from cultivating hemp plants. With the rising popularity, you will notice a surge in demand as well, and more farmers will move towards growing it.

Hemp Harvesting

Now is the time to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Your plants are healthy, plenty in number, and high in quality. It is time for you to extract them in large quantities.

For successful farming, you need pro-level trimming machines. At, you will find all the best commercial trimming machines of top brands like Twister and CenturionPro. To know the best trimming machines and ways to keep them working for years, read our blog on ways to clean your trimmers.

Extraction of Hemp Oil

You have an ocean of choices for growing a particular type of hemp. While some are grown for commercial or industrial use, other varieties are grown specifically for their oil.

Hemp oil is a popular and widely used healing agent that is sought-after avidly. Many farms have shifted their focus to only growing hemp oil plants.

Per Acre Production of Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is highly profitable as a single acre of land can yield about $70,000 to $100,000 worth of hemp. Conditions vary depending on location, a particular specimen of hemp, and how you extract the harvest.

At, we have plenty of methods of extracting hemp oil. We have rotary evaporators as well as distillation equipment. Having the right tools can help you extract the maximum out of extra plant material.

Final Thoughts about Growing Hemp

Hemp is a one-of-a-kind plant that is always in high demand and is easy to grow. And, you can gain large margins on your sales. Not only that, hemp oil is extracted and used worldwide for its medicinal benefits.

With the right equipment, you can grow as many hemp plants as you like and extract as much hemp oil as you wish.

If you love growing hemp in large quantities and need more assistance from us, contact us at 866-GRO-INDR or email us at

Oct 3rd 2022
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