Growing plants in a grow tent has several benefits. Grow tents are easy to install and prevent your plants from all sorts of harm, such as pest infestations. To help you decide, we have created this guide for all plant enthusiasts, especially beginners. – Gro Indoor
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A Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Grow Tent

by 09 Apr 2023

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Grow Tent

Buying a grow tent can be an overwhelming experience for many indoor growers. However, it is an essential tool if you want to speed up your plant’s growth. Growing plants in a grow tent has several benefits, which will be discussed in this article. But what kind of grow tent should you buy for your plantation?

To ease your decision-making, we have created this guide for all plant enthusiasts, especially beginners.

If you want to dedicate a safe and appropriate space for your indoor gardening without devoting an entire room to it or constructing new walls a grow tent offers an excellent solution.

Grow tents are easy to install and prevent your plants from all sorts of harm, such as pest infestations. With the basics covered, let’s dive into some details on buying an ideal grow tent.

Buying a Grow Tent Things to Consider

It's important to consider the material that a grow tent is made of, as well as its size and style. Let's look at how these factors contribute to the process:

Size Guide for Buying a Grow Tent

When we talk about size, it is obvious that the purpose is to ensure all your plants have room to grow freely. You also need an adequate amount of space to move around and be able to check your plants individually.

The grow tent you intend to buy needs to be smaller than your room size to ensure easy installation and setup. Also, you need to consider your gardening goals as well to help you decide on the right grow tent size.

As we mentioned earlier, you need to decide how many plants you are looking to grow in the tent and how big these plants will be. There is no denying that the size of your grow affects the size of your grow tent. Do you want to grow at a certain time of the year or all year long?

Suppose you’re looking for continuous harvesting options. In that case, you might want multiple tents one for vegetation, one for flowering, and one for harvest drying and curing.

The size of the container and strain vary dramatically; therefore, the number of plants you want to grow in a tent is highly subjective. There are a few growers that have a few big plants in their grow tent. These plants are allowed to grow wide this is called the SCROG method.

On the other hand, some people grow a bunch of smaller plants, allowing frequent harvesting. For this purpose, auto-flowering is a more suitable choice.

These are just our recommendations for a grow tent. Ultimately, the decision falls in your hand, based on the size and number of plants.

How to Size Your Grow Tent Based on Your Grow Size?

If you want to grow your plants under a budget and find the best grow tent for yourself, here are a few suitable options with their plant space:

The Thickness of Reflective Chambers

Why is tent canvas thickness important? There is a simple reason for that a greater thread count means a stronger tent.

If you’re looking to use the grow tent for the long- term, durability is an important factor to consider. You need a tent that can hold up against punctures, accidents, and tears.

There is no question that all grow tents are lightproof. However, with thicker material, you can also keep the environment free from external noise and heat.

But what if you are growing indoors? In that case, you won't need rugged or thick walls. The thickness of the tent varies. It can go as high as 1680D to as small as 210D (The D here stands as a unit of measurement called a denier and helps measure the mass density of fibers).

The inner reflective property is a critical factor as it helps disperse light inside the grow tent to the entire canopy. At, we offer heavy-duty grow tents and standard-duty grow tents.

Multiple Tents vs. Multiple Chambers

An efficient way to grow plants is by having multi-chambers grow tent that serve a distinct purpose. The majority of growers prefer to have separate tents for flowering and vegging. But that doesn't mean you go buying multiple tents for this purpose. At, we offer multiple chambers grow tents that serve the same purpose without costing you much.

For a cost-effective and convenient option with separate chambers for vegging, propagation, and flowering this is a more suitable option. Having separate chambers keeps everything more organized, especially if you’re struggling with limited space.

However, if you’re planning to grow large plants and generate greater yields, we recommend going for separate tents. We also have special grow tents for clones and seedlings. These tents are only for vegging and harvesting.

This tent will help you with setting up the perpetual harvest with an uninterrupted plant flowering supply.

Cord Ports, Ducting Ports, and Windows

Not all grow tents have the same port size that helps in running electrical cords and ventilation duct components. However, if you want the best, go for something that offers dual-cinching ports, allowing you to prevent any light from coming in successfully.

You can also go for tents that offer mesh vents and multiple windows, which is extremely useful in gardening.

Don’t forget to review the ports' size and placement in all tents to ensure proper equipment installation and the setting complies with your intended arrangement.

Only use mesh vents for vegging purposes as the process is not affected by light leaks.

Weight Limit

The frame of most grow tents is made with steel tubing with a mixture of other alloys used mainly in corners to connect pieces. The material used in the tent's construction dictates the weight of the overall tent because lighter ones are easier to relocate.

Keep an eye on the tent's weight rating to see whether it can hold the properties you are planning to use. You can also use additional methods to support you in case you are going beyond the weight limit. Use additional bars to spread out the overall weight of the tent.

Want to play it safe? Try looking at some alternatives for mounting or hanging the equipment outside the tent.

The Best Grow Tent Brands in the Market

Before purchasing a grow tent, people are mainly concerned with the price. If you are looking for suitable options in the lower price range, Covert grow tent takes the cake here. Grow Tents by Covert offers amazing value for money on their grow tents.

Another popular choice among growers is Gorilla. Gorilla grow tents are highly durable and reliable. However, they cost significantly higher than Covert and are only preferred by experienced growers who look at it as a long-term investment.

Another great option among brands is Secret Jardin. Secret Jardin grow tents are known for their multi-chambered and unique outlook.

Gorilla Grow Tents

Gorilla Grow Tents are extremely useful for planting tall plants, giving you greater yields. The Gorilla was the first brand to introduce adjustable grow tents. Gorilla Grow Tents are known for providing 33% more yields than Covert.

They are one of the most popular brands in the market because of their incredibly strong and heavy-duty line. They have the best frame and fabric in the market. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only obvious choice. If strength is not something you’re looking for, go for something cheaper like Covert. Despite being the cheaper option, they offer high-quality tents using premium imports.

But, as far as the Shorty Line is concerned, Gorilla stands out among the rest. GGT Shorty Line is specifically for spaces challenged with height issues, as the standard tent is usually under 5' tall.

Another major reason to love Gorilla is the accessibility of different customization and accessories features like height extension, heavy-duty trellis, high CFM kits, and more. All in all, if your fund is on the higher side, there is nothing better than Gorilla Grow Tent.

Covert Grow Tents

In Covert grow tents, you can plant anywhere from 2 extra-large plants to 16 small ones. If you are into growing small plants such as seedlings and herbs, Covert Grow Plants can offer you different layers of rigid wire shelves to make the space more efficient for vertical growth. These shelves are also helpful in drying the crops.

Further, you can also get removable suspended racks for drying mesh that can fit inside the tend to help you make the best use of your grow tent space throughout the cycle. The mesh can help you maintain even dry conditions and ease of storage when the drying process is concluded.

Grow Cabinets vs. Grow Tents The Better Option

Many indoor gardeners prefer to buy a tent that comes with a stealthy and more solid cabinet. Several cleverly designed cabinets in the market look like traditional storage options but are far less conspicuous.

Most gardeners prefer to buy tents that offer additional space so that they don’t have to buy more tents in the future. Therefore, our experts at recommend grow tents over cabinets. Grow tents are far better in terms of generating high yields.

Benefits of Growing in a Grow Tent

When growing, you will have numerous choices. The equipment you own and your garden placement open up possibilities for better harvest.

Once you have decided to grow indoors, you need to opt for a pre-designed grow tent that fits your growing needs. If you are growing out of a hobby, we recommend not overhauling the entire house for this purpose, as this can be expensive, daunting, and highly unnecessary. Here are five reasons to buy a grow tent for your indoor grow.

Avoiding Pests and Infestations

Leafhoppers, Powdery Mildew, Fungal gnats, Fusarium Wilt, Leaf miners, and Aphids are just some of the pests that can damage your crop and ruin all your hard work. Grow tents ensure your plants are always protected, making it difficult for the pests to reach them.

Gives Total Control over Growing Environment

Grow tents are designed specifically for growing in controlled environments. If you want to grow strong plants, there are several environmental factors you need to consider. You need complete control over light intensity, light schedule, humidity, and temperature with environment controllers. You also need to ensure the ventilation is sufficient for the fresh air to pass through.

Therefore, a key factor in growth is being able to control the environment and keep it stable. As your experience grows, you will struggle less in controlling these factors and will be able to manipulate these factors to your advantage, resulting in better and bigger plants.

Versatile and Adaptable

An excellent way to make better use of your growing space is by using a grow tent. You can grow plants in your spare bedroom or your garage easily with the help of these tents.

They also offer greater flexibility and adaptability, allowing you to shift from flower to veg at any time. They make moving to hydroponic soil incredibly easy.

Fast and Easy Indoor Growing

Growing indoors is difficult, but it's worth all the hard work! A vast majority of growers would say indoor growth takes patience. But that doesn't mean that growing outdoors is a superior choice or that growing indoors has no benefits.

Plants, by nature, have always thrived in a natural environment (outside). What's the Point of Growing indoors? You can call it an "artificial environment," but I like to think of it as a perfect setting. Do you see? The point is not just creating something that looks good; we're trying our best here so your plant will thrive too! Therefore, you may have chances of making errors because creating a natural environment is a tuff job.

If you want to grow indoors and do it right always go for a grow tent designed specifically to keep all these factors in mind.

Energy Efficient

Another reason why grow tents are famous among growers is the Mylar interior. It helps with light dispersion inside the tent. Also, it ensures that none of the light goes to waste and all your plants are receiving optimal light.

Grow Tent Kits

If you're a beginner, why not go for one of our grow tents kits? These have everything a grower needs for indoor growth:

If you want an entire package, feel free to visit our list and check out some of our best grow tent kits.

Setting Up Your Grow Tent

Before you start investing your time, money, and energy into the grow tent, think about how the whole space is going to lookwhen completed. Ask yourself where the to grow is going to take place your garage, spare bedroom, closet, or some other space.

Visit our website at and check out our blog on: Grow Tent Accessories You Absolutely Need for many options for designing your own grow room.

Basic Supplies for Grow Tents

Grow Tent Unpacking and Assembling

While some may not agree, setting up a grow tent is a fairly easy process if all the instructions are followed accurately. There are several videos and tutorials that you can find online on the subject.

An important tip, if you’re setting up a large tent, we recommend getting an extra pair of hands to help you.

Tips for Easy Grow Tent Installation

Here are some basic steps for you:

  • Lay the tent on the ground completely flatly.
  • Locate your tent bottom.
  • Separate your poles, both long and short.
  • Start by assembling all poles at the bottom, then make a square shape and place the square at the tent's bottom.
  • Congratulations! You now have the base of your tent. Connect the poles in a fashion that they stand upright with the base.
  • To complete the pole structure or skeleton, attach the top poles.
  • Time to roll the tent up carefully, over and structure of poles, and zip it up.
  • At the time of lifting the tent over the poles, make sure the poles are held firmly. You may need extra effort due to their lightweight.

Odor and Ventilation Grow Tips

Ventilation in the grow tent is highly essential. An ideal ventilation system is able to control the temperature, oxygen, CO2, and humidity within the tent. These factors are crucial for plant development and growth.

All grow tents commonly have duct components, odor control units, and fans. Also, some have an inline fan (common in smaller tents).

To help you with the selection, all our grow tents come with recommended CFM ratings. If you want to calculate your CFM requirement, simply multiply W x L x H, as this will show you your tent's cubic feet. If your tent has a lower CFM rating, it will not require a fan.

If you're using carbon filters, our recommendation would be to double the cubic feet of your tent. Wondering why? Because carbon filters are capable of lowering the moving capability of the extraction fan by almost 30%.

For instance, if your grow tent is 60 cubic feet, your CFM rating requirement would be 120. If you’re going for an intake fan, go for 70% of your extraction fan or the next size volume down.

Final Thoughts

There you have it all the brands, sizes, and styles of grow tents at your disposal. We hope you find this blog helpful. For more information, visit our website and learn more about grow tents and growing.

Sep 9th 2022
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