Emerald Harvest Root Wizard, 270 gal

Emerald Harvest Root Wizard, 270 gal

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Emerald Harvest Root Wizard, 270 gal

Emerald Harvest Root Wizard, 270 gal

$29,079.03 $21,374.36

Emerald Harvest Root Wizard, 270 gal

$29,079.03 $21,374.36

Root Wizard will enhance root vigor and boost nutrient uptake with six strains of beneficial bacteria that colonize your garden’s rhizosphere.

The beneficial bacteria in this microbial inoculant colonize the rhizosphere of your crops. While soil gardens naturally contain myriad microbes that enhance root vigor and boost nutrient uptake, Root Wizard supplies your soilless garden, which otherwise lacks this microbial life, with bacteria crucial to root function. Designed to increase the bioactivity that bulks up root mass, the plant-symbiotic microorganisms in Root Wizard help break down organic matter into bioavailable nutrients, so your plants absorb and assimilate more of what they need from plant food for growth, maintenance, and flowering.

Why Use Root Wizard Massive Root Builder?

Root Wizard gets more nutes to your roots with just two easy applications during the crop life cycle and is suitable for soil or hydroponic gardens.

  • Vibrant, stable rhizobacterial colonies in the root zone
  • Bigger roots and longer root hairs for optimal nutrient uptake
  • Clean root system for better hygiene in the growing medium

What Makes it Work?

Root Wizard supplies beneficial bacteria that increase root mass, convert organic matter into essential elements and increase nutrient absorption.

  • Six strains of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPRs)
  • Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, licheniformis, subtilis—and more
  • Viable spores in substantial amounts to ensure root colonization

Beneficial life
Your hydroponic medium will lack beneficial life unless you provide it.

Bigger roots
Plants grow longer roots with more root surface area and overall root mass.

More nutes
Greater root mass means plants absorb more nutrients more efficiently.

Less waste
PGPRs clean up the growing medium and recycle waste into nutrients.

Return on investment
Plants get more of what you feed them, for better ROI in nutrients.

Flexible application
Suitable as a foliar spray in addition to root application.

Seedlings & Cuttings Transplants Early Veg Late Veg Week 1 Week 2
15 mL/Gal 15 mL/Gal
Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9
Lead Time This product ships LTL Freight in 1-3 Business Days
EACH - Weight(lb) 1950
EACH - Height(in) 45.5
EACH - Length(in) 40
EACH - Width(in) 46.5
Weight (lb) 2555
Height (in) 45.5
UPC 859041005143
Width (in) 46.5
Brand Emerald Harvest
Shipping Restrictions AK, FL, HI, MN, NC, OK, OR
OMRI Certified No
Nutrient Application Hydroponic and Soil Nutrient
Nutrient Type Organic Based
Nutrient Material Type Liquid

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