Smart Pot 15 Gallon w/ Handle, 18"x 13.5"

Smart Pot 15 Gallon w/ Handle, 18"x 13.5"

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Smart Pot 15 Gallon w/ Handle, 18"x 13.5"

Smart Pot 15 Gallon w/ Handle, 18"x 13.5"

$39.00 $13.49

Smart Pot 15 Gallon w/ Handle, 18"x 13.5"

$39.00 $13.49

The patented Smart Pot is for the gardener who wants a container that will grow the best possible plant. It is a new and unique advancement in container technology that is better than any other method of container gardening.

It is-

  • Better than Standard Black Plastic Containers
  • Better than Ceramic (Clay) Containers
  • Better than Raised Beds
  • Better than Decorative Containers

The patented Smart Pot is a soft-sided, fabric container that has the rigidity to hold its shape and can even support large trees. In fact, the Smart Pot was originally developed for and has been used by commercial tree growers for over twenty years.

The Smart Pot is an aeration container. It has a unique ability to air-prune and enhance a plant's root structure. A highly branched, fibrous root structure is the key to growing a better plant, with more flowers and fruits, and more resistance to insects and diseases.

How do I clean my Smart Pot?

After use dump out the soil and let the bag dry. After a few days of being dry, the dust and small roots will easily brush off. For most people, this is good enough. At this point the Smart Pot folds easily for storage. However, a lot of our customers will wash the bags in OxyClean or peroxide to sterilize. They use a washing machine or dip the bag in a tub. Do not put the Bags in a dryer.

Why is the Smart Pot better than hard-sided containers?

The Smart Pot aerates and plastic does not. Aeration stops root circling and releases heat, helping your plant build a better root structure. Better roots will give you a better plant.

Why does the Smart Pot have a fabric bottom?

To help you grow a better plant. The Smart Pot is made with a heavy porous fabric bottom that gives a plant intimate ground contact. This ground contact helps the plant maintain a ground temperature, as opposed to a plastic container temperature. Also, small roots may penetrate the bottom of the Smart Pot. These roots will help intake moisture and nutrients.

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