FOOP Clone Gel, 32 oz

FOOP Clone Gel, 32 oz

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FOOP Clone Gel, 32 oz

FOOP Clone Gel, 32 oz

$119.99 $105.35

FOOP Clone Gel, 32 oz

$119.99 $105.35

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FOOP Clone Gel Spec Sheet

Be Healthy. Go Organic. Use FOOP Clone GEl.

FOOP Clone Gel is like having two products in one: it’s a rooting gel, but it also contains cloning solution. No other cloning product offers this powerful one-two punch to dramatically accelerate both the root development as well as topical growth of baby plants. Grow Bigger Roots Faster – Get roots in 5-7 days vs. 10-14 using other leading rooting gels with our unique blend of organic ingredients that promote root growth and development.

FOOP Clone Gel

  • Two products in one! Rooting gel + cloning solution
  • Dramatically accelerates root growth and topical development
  • Makes cloning simple
  • Delivers roots in 5 days – plants ready to transplant in 7 days
  • Works great in rockwool cubes, peat moss plugs, and cloners
  • Available in 4oz and 32oz sizes

FOOP Clone Gel Ingredients

  • Organic fish poo in mineralized aquaculture water (contains microbes, micronutrients, magnesium, and calcium)
  • Organic mycorrhizal fungi (promotes healthy roots, root growth and development)
  • Organic willow water (promotes root growth and development)
  • Organic aloe vera (promotes root growth and development)
  • Organic hydrolyzed fish (contains nitrogen and phosphorus)
  • Organic sea kelp (contains potassium)
  • Organic volcanic silica (promotes thicker cell walls, stronger stalks and stems)
  • Organic peppermint oil (pest repellent)

2-in-1 Rooting Gel and Cloning Solution - FOOP Clone Gel is like having two products in one: it’s a rooting gel, but it also has what most cultivators refer to as cloning solution inside it. This powerful one-two punch delivers both rooting stimulants and nutrients that baby plants need for healthy roots and luscious topical growth. Since it’s both a rooting gel and cloning solution, you no longer need to soak your rooting cubes in cloning or nutrient solution or buy “rapid rooters” inoculated with nutrients. Simply moisten peat moss or rockwool cubes with just plain water pH balanced to 6.0 and that’s it.

Contains All Organic Ingredients - FOOP Clone Gel is derived from reclaimed fish poo in mineral rich aquaculture water (which contains beneficial microbes as well as naturally sourced calcium and magnesium), organic aloe vera, organic willow water, organic mycorrhizal fungi, organic hydrolyzed fish, organic sea kelp, and organic volcanic silica. None of these ingredients are provided in any other cloning or rooting product on the market.

No Synthetic Growth Hormones - Unlike other rooting and cloning agents, FOOP Clone Gel does not contain any synthetic rooting hormones or other pesticides that must be registered with the EPA – and is NOT prohibited for use in any jurisdiction in North America.

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