Aptus Baseboost, 10 kg

Aptus Baseboost, 10 kg

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Aptus Baseboost, 10 kg

Aptus Baseboost, 10 kg

$350.00 $240.60

Aptus Baseboost, 10 kg

$350.00 $240.60

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Aptus Baseboost SDS


Complete Time-Release Fertilizer Pellet

About Baseboost

BaseBoost is a time-release pellet fertilizer that provides complete nutrition for plant development for up to 3 months. Each application lasts 2-3 months and can be reapplied for longer cycles. It is specially formulated with macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients, and L-amino acids from protein hydrolysate to enhance plant development over a period of time.

BaseBoost is an effective standalone as a complete fertilizer for the grower with little time or trying to simplify the work of growing. For advanced growers looking to maximize yields, BaseBoost is an effective replacement for a typical base NPK nutrient in combination with the rest of the Aptus Premium Collection boosters.

You can apply BaseBoost during transplanting by mixing into the growing medium or as a top dressing to extend the growing cycle (especially outdoor applications).

Why use Baseboost?

  • Simple and complete 100% organic plant nutrition nothing else but water is required for a 3 month cycle, vegetative and flowering
  • Complete formulation reduces fertiliser input and work
  • Easy to use application is once every 2 to 3 months simply by mixing in the pellets or topdressing
  • Perfect for remote locations and long lasting crop cycles
  • Provides organic nitrogen and L-amino acids that stimulate plant development
  • Helps condition soil, improves plant development, and stimulates micro-life
  • Long shelf-life if properly stored

Directions for use (Mix well and evenly throughout medium.):

  • For a 1-3 month growth cycle, apply 100g plant in a 5-7 gallon planting container.
  • For a longer 3-6 month crop cycle, add 2-300g per plant in a 5-7 gallon planting container.
  • For large or outdoor containers, add 1-150g per 10 gallons of growing media.

Tips From the Field

  • Use more pellets for sandy soil (200 grams per plant) than for clay or heavy soil (100 grams per plant), per cycle (2-3 months).
  • If your cycle is longer than 3 months, apply a second treatment as topdressing and water from the top, or mix pellets into the top couple inches of soil.
  • In case of deficiencies, simply add more pellets as topdressing and water from the top. The pellets will be solubilised and the nutrients assimilated by the plant.
  • Mix into the ground during soil preparation or simply place at the bottom of each planting hole
  • For better results outdoors, use with FaSilitor, StartBoost, and Bloomboost.
  • For better effect indoors, use with all Boosters (StartBoost, BloomBoost, PeakBoost, FinaleBoost).
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Brand Aptus
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N-P-K 41793
Nutrient Application Soil & Soilless Mix Nutrient
Nutrient Type Synthetic Based
Nutrient Material Type Granular

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