Botanicare Organicare Bloom, 5 lbs.

Botanicare Organicare Bloom, 5 lbs. - (1/Cs) Case of 15

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Botanicare Organicare Bloom, 5 lbs. - (1/Cs) Case of 15

Botanicare Organicare Bloom, 5 lbs. - (1/Cs) Case of 15

$35.77 $340.47

Botanicare Organicare Bloom, 5 lbs. - (1/Cs) Case of 15

$35.77 $340.47



Granular organic and natural fertilizers

OMRI Certified

Botanicare Organicare granular organic and natural fertilizers provide the base nutritional needs for virtually any crop production program - And they?ÇÖre OMRI listed! The Botanicare Organicare system consists of two products: Organicare Grow 7-6-9 and Organicare Bloom 5-7-10. The Grow formulation is used for Vegetative growth and the Bloom formulation is suited for the reproductive or Flowering/Blooming stages of growth. Supported by Hawthorne?ÇÖs Research and Development teams, these products are designed to offer excellent nutritional support and and can be used with a wide variety of plants, whether grown in containers or in-ground.

The Grow and Bloom products are formulated with a blend of organic and natural materials that provide plant available nutrients. Some of these nutrients can be taken up immediately by the plant when applied, which promotes initial growth. Grow and Bloom also have nutrients that are slowly converted into plant available forms that promote sustained growth up to 4 weeks after being applied. The proprietary formulation marries various component release rates to offer superb nutrient availability. This provides growers with the flexibility they often require.

The Organicare Bloom and Grow products contain more nutrient charge than other blended organic products on the market today based on label rates. This means you get more fertilizer for your dollar with a concentrated formulation that delivers high performance for weeks at a time. These products are available in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate small garden enthusiasts and commercial operators alike, allowing you to grow like a pro at any scale.



Botanicare Organicare Grow provides a mix of natural and organic ingredients. Organicare Grow is specially formulated for growing a wide variety of plant types such as non-flowering ornamentals, tomatoes, vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Organicare Grow is well suited for the vegetative stage in plants that have a vegetative stage followed by a flowering stage.



Botanicare Organicare Bloom provides a mix of natural and organic ingredients specifically formulated with key nutrients for flowering plants or for use during the flowering phase of a crop. The organic and natural nutrients can help flowering plants in containers and in-ground.


Organicare can be used for plants in containers or in-ground, whether it be in home gardens or commercially. Both the Organicare Grow and Organicare Bloom are designed to work well with Botanicare?ÇÖs organic and natural OMRI listed growing media, Organicare True Earth Potting Mix.

For use in containers

For the initial application, you can incorporate or top-dress (surface apply) the product. Lightly incorporate the granules into the surface of growing media when top-dressing. Always apply the product dry - DO NOT mix with water. Blend the product at 9 to 18 grams of product per gallon of growing media when using Organicare Grow and 12.5 - 25 grams of product per gallon when using Organicare Bloom. This equates to about 0.55 - 1.10 grams of N per gallon of growing media. (0.25 to 0.5 lbs of N per cubic yard of growing media. This equates to about 3.5 to 7.0 lbs of product per cubic yard when using Organicare Grow and 5 to 10 lbs of product per cubic yard when using Organicare Bloom.)

Typically, Organicare Grow is used for an initial application to ?Çÿcharge?ÇÖ the growing media prior to planting, although Bloom may be used if desired. If top-dressing, apply to the surface of the growing media and ideally, scratch into the top surface. For both incorporation and top-dress methods, water thoroughly after application. This initiates the nutrient release process. Do not let the growing medium become overly dry. Reapply either Grow or Bloom every 3 weeks and water regularly for best results. While suggested grams per container size is found in Table 1. Use about 2 Tablespoons for every one (1) gallon of growing media volume.

When planting seedlings in containers, it is recommended to either use the low incorporation rate or to top-dress young seedlings after the first set of true leaves and using the low rate. Thereafter, increase the rate within the recommended range for the desired growth rate

It?ÇÖs highly recommended to start off with a Botanicare growing medium. If a growing medium contains a pre-incorporated nutrient charge, delay the initial, week 1 application for two weeks before starting the fertilization program.

Table 1. Suggested container fertilizer program for crops having a vegetative, or growth phase, and a flowering or bloom phase

Week of Production Product & Formula Application rate Suggested rate of Organicare (Grams per Container)
2- gal container 3- gal container 5- gal container 7- gal container
Week 1 Organicare Grow 7-6-9 3.5 - 7.0 lbs / CY 18 - 36 28 - 56 46 - 92 65 - 130
Week 4 Organicare Bloom 5-7-10 5.0 - 10.0 lbs / CY 25 - 50 39 - 78 65 - 130 91 - 182
Week 7 Organicare Bloom 5-7-10 4.0 - 8.0 lbs / CY 20 - 40 31 - 62 52 - 104 73 - 146
Week 10 Organicare Bloom 5-7-10 3.0 - 6.0 lbs / CY 15 - 30 23 - 46 39 - 78 54 - 108

Notes: For production periods longer than 12 weeks, reapply the Week 1 rates every 3 weeks until plants begin flowering.

1 TBSP of product is approximately 11 grams.

For use on in-ground crops - Gardens or field production

For field production, target 125 -150 lbs N / acre, making sure to account for N credits in the soil. Fertilizer should be band applied or surface applied in rows, ideally with light incorporation into the soil surface.

  • Apply half of the target rate using Grow at time of planting
  • Apply the other half using Bloom once plants start flowering
  • Rates assume about 2000 plants per acre. Higher densities may require higher rates of application

Table 2. Suggested rates of use of Organicare Grow and Bloom when using for in ground applications

(Pounds of Nitrogen / Acre)
Organicare Grow (7-6-9) @ half rate Organicare Grow (7-6-9) @ half rate
Fertilizer Rate - Pounds or product per acre Fertilizer Rate - Pounds per 3?ÇÖ x 100?ÇÖ strip Fertilizer Rate - Pounds or product per acre Fertilizer Rate - Pounds per 3?ÇÖ x 100?ÇÖ strip
125 (Split 2 X 62.5) 900 6.2 1250 8.6
150 (Split 2 X 75) 1070 7.4 1500 10.33

Note: A general rule of thumb is to apply 0.5 lbs per plant for Organicare Grow and 0.75 lbs or Organicare Bloom. This is assuming about 2000 plants per acre or about 22 square feet per plant (i.e. 4?ÇÖ x 5?ÇÖ spacing). 3?ÇÖ rows usually include a 2 foot aisle.

Feeding charts are recommendations only. Adjustments may be needed based upon environmental conditions, individual grow structure, and use of additional products. Actual results may vary

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