BioBizz Top-Max, 20 Liter
BioBizz Top-Max, 20 Liter - Nutrients

BioBizz Top-Max, 20 Liter

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BioBizz Top-Max, 20 Liter

BioBizz Top-Max, 20 Liter

$621.99 $421.84

BioBizz Top-Max, 20 Liter

$621.99 $421.84

BioBizz Product Documents

BioBizz Top-Max MSDS

TOPMAX is a 100% organic flowering enhancer. Using Top-Max can help your garden with three important tasks. First, the nutrients in Top-Max can help increase the actual size and weight of clusters of flowers. Second, plants grown with Top-Max have a sweet, smooth taste in the finished product. Third, using Top-Max can help increase your plants uptake of nutrients.

Top-Max is designed especially for use in combination with Biobizz substrate mixtures. Sometimes the nutrients in soils are not readily available to plants. The humic acid in Top-Max can help change this, increasing the availability of vital nutrients to your garden.

Our humic acid comes from a material called Leonardite, ancient vegetation converted into a rich source of humic acid over millions of years. When this ancient plant life died, it was buried deep in the earth and processed by time and pressure into a soft rock-like material rich in concentrated humic acid. Humic acid can interact with the nutrients in your growing media, increasing the availability of nutrients to support actively growing plants

Lead Time This product ships in 1 Business Day
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Brand BioBizz
OMRI Certified No
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Nutrient Application Soil & Soilless Mix Nutrient
Nutrient Type Organic Based
Nutrient Material Type Liquid

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