Humboldt Nutrients Mayan Microzyme, 32 oz.

Humboldt Nutrients Mayan Microzyme, 32 oz.

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Humboldt Nutrients Mayan Microzyme, 32 oz.

Humboldt Nutrients Mayan Microzyme, 32 oz.

$105.99 $77.54

Humboldt Nutrients Mayan Microzyme, 32 oz.

$105.99 $77.54

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Humboldt Nutrients Mayan Microzyme MSDS

A Bacterial Concentrate Of Micro-Organisms That Can Help Increase The Fertility & Vitality Of Your Plants

Bacterial Complex with Biological Nitrogen Fixation (BNF)

Mayan MicroZyme is a 100% organic and ecologically safe beneficial bacterial complex with multiple species of soil microorganisms that will increase fertility while providing vital nutrients to all types of plants and crops. The micro-organisms present in Mayan MicroZyme (MMZ) mineralize nutrients, produce and regulate nitrogen, build organic matter in your soil, and improve fertility and fruit yields by increasing nutrient uptake and availability.

The micro-organisms in this concentrate are dormant with a long shelf life because of the micro-encapsulating solution.

When the concentrate is diluted in water and aerated, the micro-encapsulation dissolves and the micro-organism populations become active and increase in number.



  • Dilute 2 fluid ounces of Mayan MicroZyme CONCENTRATE per gallon of NON-CHLORINATED water. Add 5 tablespoons of molasses, sugar or complex carbohydrates to mixture for every 2 ounces of concentrate. Aerate/agitate for 3 to 7 days in a bucket, compost tea brewer, or reservoir. For shorter activation time, maintain water temperature at 80 degrees.


  • SOIL: Add 1 gallon of Mayan MicroZyme fermented mixture (step 1) to every 30 gallons in nutrient reservoir OR undiluted fermented mixture can be sprayed directly on the soil surface immediately preceding irrigation with fertilizers.
  • HYDROPONIC: Add 1 gallon of MMZ fermented mixture (step 1) to every 30 gallons of nutrient reservoir.
  • HYDROPONIC EBB and FLOW SYSTEMS: Add 2 mL of straight concentrate from bottle (DO NOT DILUTE) per gallon to the reservoir in the ebb and flow system.
  • FOLIAR SPRAY: Spray fermented mixture (step 1) onto the leaves until runoff occurs. Be sure spraying device is clean. Apply once a week in vegetative stage and first two weeks in bloom.

Content in colonies per milliliter: Plate count of aerobic bacteria and anerobic bacteria

  • Azotobacter Vinelandii...............minimum of 300,000 cfu/cc
  • Clostridium Pasteurianu......... minimum of 300,000 cfu/cc


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