Cutting Edge Solutions Micro, 270 Gallon

Cutting Edge Solutions Micro, 270 Gallon

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Cutting Edge Solutions Micro, 270 Gallon

Cutting Edge Solutions Micro, 270 Gallon

$5,797.99 $4,403.60

Cutting Edge Solutions Micro, 270 Gallon

$5,797.99 $4,403.60

Help your garden reach new heights by providing a strong foundation of Micro Nutrients.

Micro 6-0-0 is the constant through Cutting Edge Solutions Base Family. Micro is to be used in conjunction with the Grow 2-1-6 and/or Bloom 0-6-5 in order to achieve a solid fertilizer base which can be used on it's own, or built on with CES additives to achieve maximum growth. Micro 6-0-0 is there for your plants for the entirety of their growth cycle, throughout the entire growth cycle of a plant, regardless of vegetative or flowering cycles. This formula is comprised of a high quality Nitrogen and Calcium base, fortified with the micronutrients your plants need.

Cutting Edge Solutions takes pride in the fact that their products contain no artificial growth regulators or hormones. Dyes are never added to recipes. The CES Base Family line was made to be simple and easy to use for beginner gardeners, while also being adaptable for advanced gardening techniques.

The 3-PART is developed for use across a wide spectrum of water sources, as well as growing techniques from Deep Water Culture to good old fashioned soil. CES 3-Part is the base to healthy and happy plants.

Guarenteed Analysis:
  • Total Nitrogen (N) 6.0%
  • 0.3% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
  • 5.7% Nitrate Nitrogen
  • Calcium (Ca) 5.0%
  • Boron (B) 0.02%
  • Iron (Fe) 0.1%
  • Manganese (Mn) 0.05%
  • Molybdenum (Mo) 0.0008%

  • Derived from: Sodium Molybdate, Calcium Nitrate, Zinc Nitrate, Boric Acid, Calcium Carbonate, Manganese, EDTA, Iron EDDHA, and Iron DPTA.

    Commercial and small sizes available:
  • 1 Quart
  • 1 gallon
  • 2.5 gallon
  • 6 gallon
  • 15 gallon
  • 55 gallon barrel
  • 270 gallon tote

  • *Please expect a 2-week lead time on placing commercial-sized orders.

    Recirculating System Instructions Miro 6-0-0 Bloom 0-6-5 Grow 2-1-6
    Clones & Seedlings (after roots) 5 ml/gal 5 ml/gal 10 ml/gal
    Vegetative Stages (1 2 weeks) 8 ml/gal 5 ml/gal 15-20 ml/gal
    Early Flowering Transition Stage (1 2 weeks) 8 ml/gal 15 ml/gal 5 ml/gal
    Full Bloom Fruiting Stage (5 10 weeks) 8 ml/gal 15-20 ml/gal none
    Flush Stage (5 10 days) 2.5 ml/gal 5 ml/gal none
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    Soil Or Coco Instructions Miro 6-0-0 Bloom 0-6-5 Grow 2-1-6
    Clones & Seedlings (after roots) 5 ml/gal 5 ml/gal 10 ml/gal
    Vegetative Stages (1 2 weeks) 5 ml/gal 5 ml/gal 10 ml/gal
    Early Flowering Transition Stage (1 2 weeks) 5 ml/gal 10 ml/gal 5 ml/gal
    Full Bloom Fruiting Stage (5 10 weeks) 5 ml/gal 15 ml/gal none
    Flush Stage (5 10 days) 4 ml/gal 10 ml/gal none
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    Directions For Use:

    Micro 6-0-0 is a highly concentrated nutrient solution. Never mix undiluted concentrates as this may result in nutrient lock-up. Add other nutrients separately to water and aerate reservoir regularly. Do not add additional Micro 6-0-0 to a prepared reservoir.

  • Shake well and measure carefully using a millilitre measuring cup. Mix Micro 6-0-0 first into fresh water, stir well, then add other nutrients.
  • After nutrients are mixed in water, adjust pH to 4.5-6.5.
  • Monitor ppm and EC in reservoir and top off with fresh water as needed. Empty and refill tanks every 1-2 weeks.
  • Reservoir water temperature should be 60-68 degrees F.
  • Do not store product in direct sunlight. Do not freeze.
  • Micro 6-0-0 is designed for use in hydroponics, soilless, continuous feed systems, drain to waste, and soil applications.
  • Cutting Edge Solutions Micro Questions & Answers

    Does your product work with all mediums?

    Yes. Cutting Edge Solutions products have been developed wth a very broad range of variables, from water sources to varying types of medium and growing methods. Through our experience with these differences we have achieved a final formula that is effective when used across a wide spectrum of methods.

    How long should I go between tank changes?

    Tank change intervals depend on the size of your reservoir, and whether or not you are using a drain to waste or recirculating watering system. The average life span of a reservoir is about 5-7 days. When using drain to waste it is best to check your PPM/EC level as the nutrient solution is used to make sure that there is no spike in the PPM/EC, but usually the plants will use the fertilizer as they grow. It is more critical to check your nutrient solution while utilizing a recirculating system, as the runoff can drastically change the PPM/EC level of your nutrient solution. If your PPM/EC is raising in your re-circulating reservoir, you should top it off with plain water until your meter shows an acceptable level.

    The size of a plant or the growth stage can determine the rate of water usage and nutrient uptake. Logically, the larger the plant gets, the more water and nutrient it will use. Some short-term crop plants (tomatoes, lettuce) go through an aggressive nutrient uptake around the 3-5 week period, so make sure to keep up on tank changes/monitoring during this critical time period.

    Is a transition period necessary between the vegetative and bloom stage?

    Depending on the type of plant you are growing, a transition mix may be beneficial. Some more hardy plants don’t need to gradually accept a new mix, while some more delicate plants appreciate more subtle changes in its' diet in order to reduce the risk of shock. Slower growing plant varieties may benefit from a transition period more than a faster growing variety as well. Some plants are naturally more efficient at taking up Iron and don’t require a transition stage.

    What is the optimal Ph level for my nutrient solution?

    The optimum Ph level for maximum nutrient availability is different for all elements, for instance Nitrogen has a different optimal Ph range than Phosphorus. The optimal Ph range can also vary due to medium and growing method variances, that is to say soil vs. rockwool or Aeroponics vs. Ebb and Flow. Therefore, we recommend a Ph range that is most inclusive, from 4.5 to 6.5. The Ph level we recommend for the most inclusive beneficial range is 6.

    We do not recommend using Ph up at any time. If your water is acidic, i.e. RO water, adjust your water to Ph 7.0, then add nutrients. Utilizing this method, the elements are less likely to be locked out because of a severe Ph swing.

    What PPM/EC is optimum for my nutrient solution?

    PPM levels vary from situation to situation. Our recommended vegetative mixing rate can run as high as 2000 PPM, while a “flush” mixing rate is much lower. Please refer to the CES product mixing and reference chart for specific recommended PPM ranges for our products. Note: Our mixing chart is based on a 0 PPM water source, please test your water to establish your specific base range.

    Lead Time This product ships LTL Freight in 1 Business Day
    EACH - Weight(lb) 2500
    EACH - Height(in) 48
    EACH - Length(in) 40
    EACH - Width(in) 46
    Total Sold 0
    Weight (lb) 2500
    Height (in) 48
    UPC 817867011328
    Width (in) 46
    Brand Cutting Edge Solutions
    OMRI Certified No
    N-P-K 6 - 0 - 0
    Nutrient Application Hydroponic and Soil Nutrient
    Nutrient Type Synthetic Based
    Nutrient Material Type Liquid

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