Aptus Ecozen, 20 Liter

Aptus Ecozen, 20 Liter

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Aptus Ecozen, 20 Liter

Aptus Ecozen, 20 Liter

$1,458.00 $1,350.00

Aptus Ecozen, 20 Liter

$1,458.00 $1,350.00

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Enzyme Booster and Micro-Life Stimulator

About Ecozen

Ecozen is a powerful blend of enzymes that keep the root surface clean, assist in breaking down decaying organic matter, and displace salt buildup from the planting medium. These functions are important for having a healthy rhizosphere and an efficiently operating planting medium.

Ecozen contains enzyme complexes that transform some accumulated or precipitated salts into usable plant nutrients. This helps to stabilize EC in the medium and improves the plant's natural ability to absorb more nutrients while avoiding fertilizer salt build-up that can cause antagonism, lock up and conditions enabling pathogen related problems in the root system.

Overall Ecozen is an effective root and soil conditioner that works in conjunction with microbial life and bioavailable nutrition. Ecozen also contains a small amount of manganese, which stimulates micro-life which in turn help further breakdown and recycle the material broken down by the enzymes.

Why use Ecozen?

  • Grow mediums can be used longer and for multiple cycles (less medium replacement saves cost and work)
  • Stabilises EC in mediums and prevents salts accumulation (decreases nutrient lock up)
  • Can fertilise later in the cycle without risk of built up salts affecting flavour and quality
  • Keeps root system and medium clean (improves absorption, reduces residues)

Directions for use:

  • Use for the entire vegetative and bloom cycles at the rate of 1 ml per gallon
  • Flush at the end of every week and end of cycle with just water at the rate of 2 ml per gallon

Tips From the Field

  • Reuse your grow medium for multiple cycles. Flush medium between cycles with a higher dosage of Ecozen to clean out dead plant material and accumulated nutrient salts
  • Do not leave a reservoir with nutrients and Ecozen for more than a day to avoid nutrient degradation. Ideally, Ecozen is added last to the nutrient solution, just before feeding.
  • Enzymes start to work instantly, especially at temperatures higher than 20 degrees celsius.
  • Use Ecozen at least once a week to keep the root area clean and nutrient assimilation optimised.
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Nutrient Application Hydroponic and Soil Nutrient
Nutrient Type Synthetic Based
Nutrient Material Type Liquid

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