Netafim Assembly for Single Spray Stake, 3.2 GPH, 36 in ( 25 Pack) (01PSD032-36B)

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Netafim Assembly for Single Spray Stake, 3.2 GPH, 36 in ( 25 Pack) (01PSD032-36B)

Netafim Assembly for Single Spray Stake, 3.2 GPH, 36 in ( 25 Pack) (01PSD032-36B)

$29.75 $21.24

Netafim Assembly for Single Spray Stake, 3.2 GPH, 36 in ( 25 Pack) (01PSD032-36B)

$29.75 $21.24

Netafim Product Documents

Netafim Spray Stakes Flyer

Spray Stake Assembly

What's Included: The 45 degree elbow, emitter, and 36 inch or 48 inch, 5mm tubing. Does not include spray stake. 25 Pack

Netafim single dripper stake assemblies will reduce setup time considerably. This 36 or 48 inch assembly will install right where you need it. Dripper assembly uses a 3.2 or 6.6 GPH pressure compensating emitter with CNL check valve, 36 or 48 inches of Super Flex Tubing. The minimum operating pressure is 22 PSI. Pair the 3.2 GPH assemblies with the Netafim single pattern standard spray stakes (HGC747735) and the 6.6 GPH assemblies with the Netafim single pattern (HGC747736) or double pattern (HGC747737) standard spray stakes

Superior Wetting of the Soil Mix - Improves plant quality and conserves resources

Netafim PC (Pressure Compensating) Spray Stakes were built from the beginning to fill the needs of the nursery grower. The spray pattern angles downward - just enough - to keep the spray on the soil and not flying into or over the wall of the pot. Water flying out of the pot is wasted. Water that hits the side of the pot typically runs down the side and out the bottom of the pot and is not effective in wetting the soil mix.

Water retained by the soil mix is the most important measure of the effectiveness of a spray stake. A poor spray pattern may look good to the eye, but in fact does not apply water uniformly over the soil surface and results in poor water retention. The Netafim spray pattern provides maximum water retention by the soil mix - exactly what the plant needs.

An additional benefit of the excellent wetting pattern is the uniform activation of topdressed fertilizers. The result is superior plant growth and more efficient use of water resources, and fertilizer if liquid feed is being used.

Improves plant quality and conserves resources

Uniform Watering from the First Pot to the Last - Improves plant quality, simplifies design and controls system costs

Have you ever measured the difference in the amount of water the plants closest to the valve get compared to those furthest from the valve? It might be much more than you think and it adds up over time.

In a non-pressure compensating design, the spray stakes at the beginning of the line have a higher pressure and supply more water than those at the end of the line. Therefore, plants at the beginning of the line receive more water than they need by the time the plants at the end of the line are sufficiently watered. Each time the fi eld is watered these differences add up and eventually some plants can outgrow others, resulting in a lack of uniformity and less than a top-quality yield.

Netafim pressure compensating emitters have been in use for over 20 years and can now be used in spray stake systems. As a result, Netafim PC Spray Stakes ensure every pot in the entire system receives exactly the same amount of water. This eliminates the need to overwater some plants to be sure the driest plants receive enough water to thrive. This water savings is typically between 5% and 20% and can be even more.

Spray Patterns Designed for Nursery Containers - Pick the spray pattern that is right for your plants

For simplicity, some growers place the spray stake near the edge of the pot, making the single-sided spray stake the best selection. Other growers prefer the advantages created by our unique ?æbow-tie?Æ double-spray pattern:

  • Doubles the size of the spray pattern, useful for optimized wetting in very coarse mixes, or large pots. One spray stake can do the work of two or more traditional spray stakes.
  • Allows positioning of the spray stake near the stem of the plant. This placement minimizes wetting of the base of the stem, a vulnerable point for some plant species.
Pick the spray pattern that is right for your plants

Prevents Water from Blowing Away in the Wind - Saves water while nearly eliminating misting

Have your ever noticed how much mist non-compensating spray stakes produce?

It is especially evident on a windy day, as that water is wastefully blown away. One more advantage of pressure compensation is that it conserves water. Even at high pressures, up to 60 psi, the pressure compensating mechanism and the downward water spray of the Netafi m PC Spray Stake eliminate misting

Saves water while nearly eliminating misting

Prevents Drain down Onto Lowest Plants - Avoids plant stress from drowning

Downhill flow is exactly what happens after every irrigation in systems without Netafim?Æs check valve feature. All the water in the pipe drains out through the lowest spray stakes downhill. When large pipes are used, this can be a very large volume of water. One hundred feet of 1?ö pipe contains 15 gallons of water and one hundred feet of 4?ö pipe contains 65 gallons of water. When tens, or hundreds of gallons of water flow out onto the low-lying plants after each irrigation, the plants eventually become stressed by excess water.

This problem is eliminated with Netafi m?Æs built-in check valve feature. The check valve prevents the system from draining (up to 10 feet of elevation) after each irrigation.

Avoids plant stress from drowning

Low Maintenance - Low Maintenance Lowers cost of operation

Some systems are inexpensive to purchase initially, but as they age the cost of maintenance begins to outweigh the initial low cost. Netafim PC Spray Stakes are designed to avoid the plugging that occurs in many lower cost stakes. Each individual stake assembly has an inlet filter to prevent debris from entering. This filter is swept clean by the natural velocity of the water in the pipe. Netafim recommends appropriate central filtration for all spray stake systems but the individual inlet filter greatly reduces the incidence of field plugging from construction repair and other contaminants.

Easy Installation - Prevents problems that increase installation costs

Quick, fool-proof installation lowers costs and prevents problems. There is no risk of mis- cutting or pushing the micro-tubing in too far as some growers experience with standard spray stakes. Simply punch a hole in the supply tube using a Netafim hole punch, insert the dripper and tubing assembly and attach the spray stake. Each assembly comes ready to use.

Simplifies Design Layout - Reduces system costs

Pressure compensation has advantages beyond the improvement in watering uniformity. It also simplifies the design layout and allows you to reduce system costs with:

  • Longer runs - see Design Help section for specific recommendations
  • Smaller supply pipes - pipe downsizing usually pays for the pressure compensation feature
  • Fewer sub-mains - a very significant cost, especially in areas of difficult trenching
  • Fewer valves - longer runs mean a simpler layout requiring fewer system components

Simple, Secure Shut-Off - Prevents water waste and accidental close-offs

The side-mounted, secure shut off is easy and fool-proof. For close-off, remove the nipple and tubing from the top of the spray stake and attach it to the side of the spray stake. This provides a clear, visual indication ?û even from a distance - if a unit is in the on or off position.

Adaptable to All Soil Media Types - Adaptable to All So

Stake or rod mount options allow more application options and greater flexibility. The rod mount spray stake is ideal for deeper insertion into coarse bark mix for added stability and greater allowance for height adjustment to increase the size of the wetted pattern. All flows are available in a 7?ö stake.

Full Range of Flows - Choose the flow best suited to your water source and plant needs

Netafim PC Spray Stakes are color-coded and available in four flow options: 3.2 and 6.6 GPH. Color-coded spray stakes make it easy to identify the flow from a distance. Based on your water source and plant needs, you can choose the best flow for your nursery pots.

Selecting the Right Netafim PC Spray Stake for Your Application

Click Here for help determining how many spray stakes you need (Page 5 on the spec sheet).

UL Listed No
Lead Time This product ships in 5-7 Business Days
Prop 65 No
EACH - Weight(lb) 0.02
EACH - Height(in) 3
EACH - Length(in) 38
EACH - Width(in) 3
Weight (lb) 0.02
Height (in) 3
UPC 3665398006644
Width (in) 3
Brand Netafim
SKU HGC747769
Irrigation Part Type Spray Stakes

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