iPonic 624 Controller

iPonic 624 Controller

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iPonic 624 Controller

iPonic 624 Controller

$2,915.58 $2,069.18

iPonic 624 Controller

$2,915.58 $2,069.18
Before the 624 you had 2 light timers and 2 CO2 sensors. PLUS the headache of manually checking your grow rooms at the device itself IN PERSON.

Now you have the power to control 2 rooms with 1 controller for all your grow room needs. Not just that but you can also do this from wherever you are on your smartphone or tablet with the new iPonic 624.

The iPonic 624 is the next generation in Link4's reliable iPonic 600 Series. With this customizable, dual zone controller, the grower can easily monitor two grow rooms simultaneously, but with one easy-to-use controller. The iPonic 624 minimizes the equipment needed, and the hassle of managing multiple units. With its sleek design and touchscreen display, the 624 offers a user friendly experience. Its software based intelligence can handle all of the functions and capabilities that previously required two controllers. With the ability to change and monitor settings from your smartphone, you will be free from the hassle of constantly checking on your grow room. The 624 will be consistently up to date in real time, on your grow rooms' conditions and should never lose on yields again from poor environment!

A Revolution in Grow Room Controllers Take control of your grow room with the new iPonic 624 Controller from Link4. Developed for the commercial greenhouse industry, the iPonic 624 represents a revolution in grow room controllers. Now you can operate every aspect of your garden from one intelligent and fully programmable controller.

The All-In-One Grow Room Controller The iPonic does it all – Fuzzy Logic CO2, Light Timer, Temperature, Humidity, Recycle Timers, Vent Fans, High Temperature Shut-off, Central air conditioning and heating - even add your own custom devices. This is the only controller you will need. The iPonic 624 grows and changes as your grow room changes.

Fully Programmable and Flexible Unlike most controllers on the market, the iPonic controller allows total flexibility using software based intelligence. This means that you can program all functions together and eliminate multiple controllers for multiple functions – the iPonic does it all. This also means that you can change devices on the fly – add or delete devices to match the equipment in your garden in minutes. Includes 8 120 volt outlets – 6 fully programmable for combination of devices, can also be used to control central a/c or heaters or any device with a remote thermostat connection.

Large Touch Screen Display The large backlit display instantly shows you the status of all devices and settings. The simple touch control buttons makes checking and changing settings simple.

Fully Automated Control of the Entire Growth Cycle The iPonic 624 allows you to control each device individually with manual settings or fully automatically with all devices working together. Entire growth cycle settings can be programmed and saved on the removable USB thumb drive. This allows you to run custom growth cycles with programmed settings for every device on a week by week basis. These programs can be saved and even shared with other growers.

Remote Communications and Control With the optional communications module, the iPonic 624 controller can be monitored and controlled by a smart phone, PC or other Internet device – from anywhere in the world.

*Dual Room/Zone Controller
*Automatically Flips 12-hour Light Cycles in 2 Separate Rooms
*Adjust Settings via Smartphone or any Smart device
*Control it from anywhere you are!
*Receive Alerts when your Grow Room Requires Attention
*Includes Free Communication Module
*2 Sensors with Unmatched Sensitivity and Durability
*Accommodates Up To 8 120V Outlets over 2 Rooms
*Removable USB Thumb Drive for Data Storage
*Add Your Own Custom Devices
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