AWOL (L) CARGO Backpack

AWOL (L) CARGO Backpack

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AWOL (L) CARGO Backpack

AWOL (L) CARGO Backpack

$100.00 $66.50

AWOL (L) CARGO Backpack

$100.00 $66.50
AWOL bags are made with the highest quality fabrics, hardware, and stitching in the textile industry. These high quality materials deliver an odor locking power unrivaled by any other backpack on the market. Durable, water repellant, and odor proof, AWOL will carry your harvest safely wherever you go. The bag's outer shell is made from a heavy duty specialized material giving it it's rugged feel, water repellent protection, and quality appearance. This same material is featured on many tactical bags in military gear and in high-durability luggage products. The inside of the bag features an odor capturing activated carbon lining protected by a thick nylon mesh. In addition to being larger, we have included reinforced stitching to hold the extra weight, nylon mesh to protect the carbon lining, and thicker straps and handles to prevent tearing and increase comfort. A key feature of the AWOL backpacks is the closure system; the wetsuit zipper and double flap keep the moisture out and keep in the smell. Never worry again about your stank. With AWOL bags you can take your harvest to the Bank!

Available sizes:
XL Gym Bag
XXL Gym Bag
L Backpack
XL Roll-UP Backpack

Dimensions: 7x13x21

Lead Time This product ships in 1-3 Business Days
EACH - Weight(lb) 2.7
EACH - Height(in) 16
EACH - Length(in) 2
EACH - Width(in) 21
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CASE - Weight(lb) 28.66
CASE - Height(in) 13
CASE - Length(in) 16
CASE - Width(in) 23
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Weight (lb) 2.69
Height (in) 16
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Width (in) 21

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