Dosatron Water Powered Doser, 11 GPM 1:500 to 1:50 - 3/4" (D25RE2VFBPHY)

Dosatron Water Powered Doser, 11 GPM 1:500 to 1:50 - 3/4" (D25RE2VFBPHY)

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Dosatron Water Powered Doser, 11 GPM 1:500 to 1:50 - 3/4" (D25RE2VFBPHY)

Dosatron Water Powered Doser, 11 GPM 1:500 to 1:50 - 3/4" (D25RE2VFBPHY)

$689.55 $616.03

Dosatron Water Powered Doser, 11 GPM 1:500 to 1:50 - 3/4" (D25RE2VFBPHY)

$689.55 $616.03

Simplify your nutrients by directly installing Dosatron Doser into the water supply line

Dosatron water powered doser is directly installed in the water supply line. The Dosatron operates by using water pressure as the power source (no electricity needed). The water activates the Dosatron, which takes up the required percentage of concentrate. Inside the Dosatron, the concentrate is mixed with the water. The water pressure forces the solution downstream. Operating pressure range is 4.3 -85 PSI and water flow range is 0.05 - 11 GPM. Injection capabilities of 1:500 to 1:50 (0.2 to 2%) [0.256 to 2.560 ounces per gallon]. Unit has 3/4 in NPT connections. Includes mounting bracket, suction hose, bypass, union, weighted strainer, and quick start guide. Mini-maintenance seal kit for Dosatron Dosers - should be replaced on an annual basis.

The Dosatron D25RE2VFBPHY doser was developed for the indoor grower. It comes with a custom scale that reads in milliliters and teaspoons per gallon and is water-powered, so no electricity is needed!

Dosatron Chemical Injectors Are Water-Powered So No Electricity Is Needed.

Dosatron water-powered, non-electric chemical injectors are the easiest, most reliable way to accurately inject chemicals into water lines. Dosatron injectors work using volumetric proportioning, ensuring that the chemical mixture remains the same regardless of variations in pressure and flow.

When water enters the injector, it triggers the hydraulic motor, which begins moving up and down inside the body of the injector. On the up stroke, the Dosatron draws fluid up from the concentrate tank in an action similar to a hypodermic syringe. On the down stroke, the concentrate is displaced into the mixing chamber, where it is mixed with the water flowing through the unit. Then the water-and-chemical mixture is discharged into the water lines.

  1. Water Flow
  2. Water enters the Dosatron body
  3. Concentrate is pulled up into the Dosatron
  4. Concentrate mixes with the incoming water
  5. Blended solution is discharged into the water line
Dosatron Doser In Action

Dosatron Model Name Definitions.

Dosatron Model Definitions
  • V: Identifies the type of hose (stands for Viscous)
  • BP: Units with bypass options
  • P: Identifies the type of housing (stands for PVDF or Kynar)
  • IE: Units with side injection option
  • WL: Certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI 61 Standards
  • D: Car wash units
  • HY: Hydroponic / Nutrient Delivery System units
  • AF/VF: Identifies the type of seals (AF = Aflas® or VF = Viton)
  • K: Kalrez
  • II: Identifies the region (North/Central Am. Dosatron International, Inc.)

Specifications for Dosatron D25RE2VFBPHY

  • Connection Size: 3/4" NPT
  • Unit Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 14" x 6 1/4"
  • Flow: 0.05 to 11 GPM (0.19 to 42 LPM)
  • Pressure: 4.3 to 85 PSI
  • Ratio Range: 1:500 to 1:50
  • Percentage Range: 0.2 to 2%
  • Ounces Per Gallon Range: 0.256 to 2.560
  • Included Accessories: Mounting bracket, suction hose, weighted strainer, and quick start guide.
UL Listed No
Lead Time Special Order ships in 1-3 Weeks
Prop 65 No
EACH - Weight(lb) 3.55
EACH - Height(in) 20.4
EACH - Length(in) 7
EACH - Width(in) 6.8
Weight (lb) 3.55
Height (in) 20.4
UPC 850019843019
Width (in) 6.8
Brand Dosatron
Warranty 1 Year

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