General Hydroponics ProRelease Cold Climate Container Formula, 50lb.

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With the General Hydroponics ProRelease Container Fertiliezers growing in containers just got easier!

General Hydroponics ProRelease WC Container Formula 15-9-12 & ProRelease CC Container Formula 15-9-12 are Controlled Release Fertilizers (CRF) are granulated fertilizers designed to be applied directly to the root zone of a crop. Utilizing precision coating technologies, CRFs slowly and predictably release fertilizer over time, continuously feeding for months with only a single application! This allows for unprecedented ease of use and control for professional growers. General Hydroponics ProRelease Container Fertilizers are 100% coated granulated fertilizers. Designed for highvalue crops like hemp and other medicinal herbs grown in containers, raised beds or fabric grow pots. Incorporate or apply at transplant and watch your crops thrive. Feeds for up to 4 months.*

Note: * Will vary based on soil needs, planting density, temperature, crop, media, irrigation or rainfall amount and especially other nutrient usages.

General Hydroponics ProRelease WC Container Formula 15-9-12

General Hydroponics ProRelease WC Container Formula 15-9-12 continuously feed plants for up to 4 months in warm climates (WC). Releases nutrients over a 5-6 month time period at 70?? F or for 3-4 months at 90?? F.

General Hydroponics ProRelease CC Container Formula 15-9-12

General Hydroponics ProRelease CC Container Formula 15-9-12 continuously feeds plants for up to 4 months in cool climates (CC) and controlled environments. Releases nutrients over a 3-4 month period at 70?? F.

How to apply General Hydroponics ProRelease Container Ferilizers

Method #1 Incorporate the CRF fertilizer into your growing media prior to planting.

  • Blend into growing media in a manner to ensure uniform distribution of fertilizer particles / prills. Do not over-mix as doing so could damage the fertilizer coating and also break down growing media structure.
  • Following incorporation, growing media should beused within two to four weeks.
  • Water thoroughly immediately after planting.
  • Method #2 Top-dress or broadcast the CRF fertilizer on the top of the growing media.

    • For top-dress applications, spread fertilizer evenly on the container surface.
    • Avoid piling fertilizer in one spot or piling fertilizer directly against plant stem.
    • Irrigate immediately after top-dress applications.
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