Gavita Pro 1700e LED 645 Watt Grow Light

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  • Gavita Pro 1700e LED 645 Watt Grow Light
  • Gavita Pro 1700e LED 645 Watt Grow Light - Grow Lights
  • Gavita Pro 1700e LED 645 Watt Grow Light - HGC906056
  • Gavita Pro 1700e LED 645 Watt Grow Light- | Hydroponics | Indoor Grow Supply Superstore
  • Gavita Pro 1700e LED 645 Watt Grow Light
  • Gavita Pro 1700e LED 645 Watt Grow Light
  • Gavita Pro 1700e LED 645 Watt Grow Light
  • Gavita Pro 1700e LED 645 Watt Grow Light
  • Gavita Pro 1700e LED 645 Watt Grow Light
  • Gavita Pro 1700e LED 645 Watt Grow Light
  • Gavita Pro 1700e LED 645 Watt Grow Light
  • Gavita Pro 1700e LED 645 Watt Grow Light
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  • Coverage Area
    Veg: 6' x 6'; Flower: 5' x 5'
  • Exact Watts
    645 Watts
  • LED Light Spectrum
    Full Spectrum
  • Total PPF Output
    1700 umol/s
  • PAR Efficiency
    2.6 umol/J
  • Dimmable:
    with Optional Controller
  • LED Diode Type
    Samsung White LEDs & Osram Deep-Red LEDs
  • LED Driver Type
    Premium Philips Advanced Driver
  • Voltage
    120/208/240/277 Volt
  • Power Cord(s) Included
  • Est. Electricity Cost /mo
  • Warranty
    5 Year

The All New Gavita Pro LED 1700e Is The Best Grow Light On The Market

The Gavita Pro 1700e LED Gen 2 Grow Light is everything you'd expect from a Gavita LED. Until now, cutting energy costs and delivering maximum light output have been opposing priorities for growers. This fixture solves that. Say hello to the Gavita 1700e. Developed by the leaders in horticultural lighting, this LED is powerful enough to deliver the same high-performance growers rely on while reducing energy and lifetime ownership costs.

The "Pro" in Gavita Pro 1700e LED really shines through. This is an incredibly powerful grow light and can be used in just about any application: commercial warehouses (vertical or horizontal), greenhouses, and home grows (rooms or tents).

Coverage area: Flowering footprint: 4'x4' to 5'x5' (16 to 25 sq ft), Vegetative footprint: 6'x6' to 7'x7' (36 to 49 sq ft)

Low heat, minimizes cooling and energy costs

The Gavita Pro 1700e produces almost no heat. The open bar design passively cools the system. The fixture consists of 8 LED light bars, and this open design prevents heat build-up over the canopy. This allows you to place it closer to your canopy than other lights, cut down cooling costs, and maintain a perfect grow environment.

The 1700 µmol/s fixture results in an impressive efficiency of 2.6 µmol/s per wat

Much more efficient than a traditional HPS

This Gavita LED is a lower wattage than you may think with just a 646 watt power draw. It can repalce a 1000 Watt HPS without sacraficing any light or quality. It can also be dimmed up to 50% witht any loss in efficiency.

By switching to the Gavita 1700e grow light, you can reduce HVAC costs by 30 - 40% when compared to an MH/HPS grow light.

Gavita Warehouse w/ 1700e LED

*Gavita Pro 1700 e with Botanicare Slide Bench System

The Gavita Pro is already the most efficient LED on the market, and also one of the most powerful. It produces 1700 µmol s-1 PAR and pulls 646 watts from the wall. It works incredibly well in commercial grows and greenhouses and carries a manufacturer's warranty of 5 years.

From a compliance standpoint, no other LED on the market can even compete. It features an IP66 Wet rating and is UL8800 compliant for use in wet environments - making it perfect for commercial growing environments. It is also FCC compliant, and ETL certified.

The Gavita Pro LED is composed of Philips Drivers, Samsung white LEDs, and Osram deep-red LEDs. This light is built to last, and by far the best commercial LED grow light.

Note: This fixture has 4 different power cords to choose from (sold separately)

  • 120 Volt
  • 208/240 Volt
  • 277 Volt
  • 277/400 Volt

Choose your desired voltage of power cord from the options at the top. All Gavita 1700 Power Cords are 8 ft. in length.

What changed between the Gavita 1700e and the 1650e?

While the Gavita 1650e LED was an incredible grow light, Gavita knew there was room for improvement. Seeking the very best in LED grow lighting, they improved upon this light with the 1700e.

In the gen 1 Gavita, the plexiglass around the light acted as a water catch, which would hold moisture or spills from above in racking systems. So, they removed this plexiglass. They also switched to the single fin vs a dual fin design, to eliminate an additional water catching point. This single fin is just as efficient, so you don't lose any power or performance.

Another huge difference is actually in the design of the wiring in the light. The Gavita 1650e has a top-exiting cord, which created 90-degree angles in the wiring of the lighting bars. This would occasionally cause certain parts of the light to not light up, due to the stress of the angling of the wires. So, the Gavita 1700e now features a side-exiting cord, so no drastic turns in the wiring.

The Gavita 1700e LED also brings new certifications to the table, such as an ETL listing, and a new IP66 rated housing which is completely enclosed. the communication connections are also IP rated, and the cables used are now RJ45 vs RJ 12/14.

There are also key differences in the adapter, as the first one was not ETL rated and the new one is. The mounting of the adapter is improved too, as the gen 2 adapter features hanging ears to make things easy. Furthermore, the "IN" and "OUT" communication ports have been moved to opposite ends of the fixture.

Another huge advantage is that cleaning the Gavita 1700e is easier than ever. You can literally spray down the fixture with a hose, as everything is completely sealed and safe.

Why Choose The Gavita 1700e LED Over The Competition?

We can make all sorts of claims about why the Gavita LED is so great, but how does it actually stack up against the competition? Let's compare it to the Fluence SPYDR 2i - the most similar competitor currently on the market.

In terms of LED diodes, the Gavita has 3264 white and 72 red diodes, compared to 2142 white and 84 red on the SPYDR. While both brands use the same, quality diodes, Gavita uses 49% more and doesn't drive the diodes nearly as hard. This maintains longer diode life with less color shifting, getting you further with your investment.

The Gavita 1700e LED is known for using the Philips Advance driver, whereas the SPYDR uses a cheaper, lesser-known driver. The extra money Gavita spends on these drivers shines through in their performance compared to the competition.

These two lights have very similar wattages, yet the Gavita produces a more efficient PAR Efficacy at 2.68 µmol/J compared to 2.56 µmol/J of the SPYDR. Furthermore, the 1700e produced an output of 1744 PPF, compared to just 1631 PPF on the SPYDR.

A few other advantages the Gavita 1700e has over the SPYDR is compatibility with popular Greenhouse Controllers, a high ambient temperature rating, and easy assembly and installation. If you were previously on the fence about which LED is right for you, hopefully, this helps you make your decision!

Features & Benefits Of The Gavita Pro LED

  • DLC Listed
  • Reduced HVAC requirement (30-40% less)
  • Balanced, full-spectrum light output
  • 8 passively cooled bars eliminate moving parts and provide full-spectrum, broad-coverage light for full-term growth
  • High-output 1700 µmol s-1 PAR and an impressive efficacy of 2.6 µmol s-1 per watt
  • Dimmable to 50% when using the Gavita Master Controller and E-Series Adapter
  • FCC compliant, UL1598 and IP66 wet-rated
  • Reliably sourced components including Philips Drivers
  • Samsung white LEDs and Osram deep-red LEDs
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 years (see product specs for details)
  • Sun Grip light hangers included for quick, easy installation
Close Up Gavita 1700e

Optional: Supplement the 1700e with the Gavita UVR

The Gavita UVR LED 120-240V can be used as a stand-alone LED or to boost UV input when used with full-spectrum Gavita LED rail fixtures. The Gavita UVR LED is intended to be used primarily in greenhouses or in climate rooms.

The UV-A Supplemental LED fits directly into the chassis of the Gavita 1700e LED allowing for ease of installation and enhanced lighting. This light can be used in wet environments and performs optimally when the max ambient temperature is between 68~104° F / 20~40° C

  • Gavita UVR LED
  • (x2) Standard Mouting Clip
  • (x2) High Mounting Clip
  • (x2) Hanging Hook
  • (x2) Mounting clip with ring, for use with the mounting clip
  • (x2) Hanging rope, for use with the hook
  • NEMA 5-15P plug
  • NEMA 6-15P plug
  • 9 ft. U.S. power cord (extra daisy chain cable)
  • (x2) Mounting clip for Gavita 1700e LED
Gavita UVR

The Gavita UVR is available as an Add-on and can be found at the top of this page.

The Optimized Spectrum Of The Gavita Pro LED

Reliably sourced components including Philips AdvanceDrivers, Samsung white LEDs and Osram deep-red LEDs create improved performance. The Gavita 1700e gently drives LEDs to optimize fixture life and improve spectral output. The 8 passively cooled bars provide full-spectrum, broad-coverage light for full-term growth.

Gavita 1700e Spectrum

Our combination of white and red LEDs results in a relatively high ratio of blue light. Blue light keeps your crop compact in the vegetative stage and adds to an optimal morphogenesis and light interception by the plant. It maintains the photosynthetic system of the plant to optimize its photosynthetic potential and can shorten your flowering period. Blue light also triggers stomatal opening during the light period.


The 8-bar configuration allows you to mount this light source in low rooms, on vertical racks, over rolling benches or even in tents. For maximum uniformity, hang the fixture 24-36 inches from the crop.

The spread of red LEDs in the array guarantees a uniformly mixed spectrum on your crop at short distance. A full spectrum increases the quality of your crop.

Rest assured knowing that your plants are all getting the attention they deserve from this beast of a grow light. Its the most efficient commercial grow light in the industry for a reason.

Gavita 1700e Uniformity

Wet Rating

IP66 wet rated and UL8800 compliant for use in wet environments which allows versatile placement in growing spaces.

Its IP66 wet rating provides complete protection from dust, oil, and water, allowing you to mount this light source in low rooms, on vertical racks, over rolling benches or even in tents.

Gavita 1700e Wet Rating

Output & Efficiency

Operating at 645 watts with an output of 1700 µmol s-1, this fixture achieves an impressive efficacy of 2.6 μmol s-1 per watt. Eight passively cooled LED bars provide intense light coverage with no fans or moving parts—significantly reducing the number of possible fail points compared to other fixtures.

The high fixture efficiency of 2.6 ?mol s-1 per Watt enables you to finally leap ahead in reducing your HVAC capacity by about 30-40% compared to regular open HPS/MH solutions. The high efficiency and low powered LED configuration with 8 LED bars reduce the temperature of the LEDs – increasing the output and improving their light maintenance.

Gavita 1700e Output & Efficiency

Form Factor

With the same performance that makes Gavita the world’s leading horticultural lighting brand comes a new LED light fixture designed to deliver more usable energy to your plants while consuming less power.

The Gavita Pro 1700e LED is a full-term light fixture that provides consistent, energy-efficient results.

Philips Advanded Driver

Gavita Master Controller & E-Series LED Adapter

The Gavita Pro 1700e LED is dimmable and distributes broad, full-spectrum light anywhere from 50% to 100% while maintaining efficiency. Dim using the Gavita E-Series LED Adapter and Gavita EL Master Controller . The Gavita E-Series LED Adapter – 120-277 V (sold separately) is required for each fixture when using the controller; non-controlled fixtures simply operate at 100%. You can connect up to 500 – 1,000 LED fixtures, depending on the controller, using a setup with daisy-chained splitters.

Gavita Master Controller

The E-Series LED Adapter is designed to be used with the Gavita 1700e LED fixtures. This product runs inline with the power cord to the fixture. Using this device in conjunction with the LED fixture will allow you to control them with an EL series controller. These adapters utilize cables with RJ45 connectors for daisy chaining the control signal between adapters. Adapters are cETLus listed as well as IP66 rated for commercial use.

Gavita LED Adapter

Product Notes

  • The 120V and 240V cords include a plug. The 277V contains an open end cable (open wire leads).
  • The E-Series adapter is only needed if you are connecting the LED fixture(s) to a controller. Otherwise, only a power cord is needed to operate the fixture.
  • You need 1 RJ9 to RJ45 cable for the controller to the first light and an RJ45 to RJ45 cable for each light following

Specifications for the Gavita 1700e

Voltage 120 - 347 Volt
Power 645 Watts
Power Factor > 99%
LED Diodes Samsung White & Osram Red LEDs
Driver Phillips Advanced Driver
Frequenzy 50/60 Hz
Coverage Veg: 6'x6'-7'x7' Bloom: 4'x4'-5'x5'
Dimenseions 44.1" x 43.7" x 2.3"
Weight 28.4 lb (12.9 kg)
Certification UL8800, DLC, IP66, CSA C22

Voltage & Amperage

Input Voltage +/- 10% 120 Volts 208-240 Volts 277 Volts 347 Volts
Input current at 100% 5.3 Amps 3.1-2.6 Amps 2.3 Amps 2 Amps
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Additional Information

Weight (lb.):
Prop 65:
Length (in.):
Width (in.):
Height (in.):
5 Year
Lighting Type:
LED Light Spectrum:
Full Spectrum
LED Fixture Type:
LED Features:
Dimmable *with Controller
Est. Electricity Cost /mo:
Exact Watts:
645 Watts
HID Equivalent:
1000 Watt
LED Diode Type:
Samsung White LEDs & Osram Deep-Red LEDs
LED Driver Type:
Premium Philips Advanced Driver
PAR Efficiency:
2.6 umol/J
Total PPF Output:
1700 umol/s
Power Factor:
Daisy Chain:
Up To 100 Fixtures
120-277 Volt
5.4A @ 120V; 2.6A @ 240V; 2.3A @ 277V
50/60 Hz
Power Cord(s) Included:
Coverage Area:
Veg: 6' x 6'; Flower: 5' x 5'
Grow Light Certifications:
IP66 Rated, DLC Listed, UL Listed
UL Listed:
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