TNB Naturals CO2 Enhancer Canister

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Increase CO2 Naturally With The TNB Naturals CO2 Enhancer Canister

If you don't have the budget or desire to invest in a CO2 burner or tank & regulator kit, but still recognize that your plants won't reach their full potential without additional carbon dioxide, try the TNB Naturals CO2 Enhancer Canister. This is easily the most user-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient means of providing your indoor grow room with ample CO2.

This TNB Naturals CO2 Enhancer is completely natural, and only requires a liter of warm water to activate the carbon dioxide. Each canister will provide up to 2-3 weeks of CO2 dispersion in your grow room, and can effectively double your growth rates and yields, leading to your most heavy, potent harvest yet. In fact, the TNB Naturals CO2 Enhancer Canister has outperformed other natural CO2 products in all tests and studies.

  • Always Fresh
  • Water Activated
  • Hits High PPM's
  • Inexpensive Start-Up
  • Doesn't Produce Heat
  • No Equipment Needed
  • Slows CO2 Release At Night

The Enhancer CO2 - Set up instructions

  1. Remove lid and add 1 litre (4 cups) of lukewarm water
  2. Place lid back on and remove the sticker
  3. Shake canister well while covering the hole on lid
  4. Hang the canister above the desired plants in an upright position

CO2 being a heavier air will cascade down over the plants.Place an oscillating fan to evenly spread the CO2 around the room. Higher CO2 levels allow the plants to handle higher temperatures. If exhausting, place The Enhancer as far away from the vent as possible.

This product is made from all natural, 100% organic ingredients which when activated create a blast of CO2 that can reach 1200 ppm in a 12x12x12 area.

How The TNB Naturals CO2 Enhancer Canister Works

Activating the TNB Naturals CO2 Enhancer Canister and providing it's benefits to your plants is super simple. All you need to do is remove the lid, and fill with 1 liter of warm water.

Then replace the lid, remove the stick, and cover the small hole on top with your finger and give the bottle a good shake. From that point, you can hang your TNB Naturals CO2 Enhancer Canister and voila, you are supplementing your grow room CO2!

The Enhancer will start dispersing CO2 to your plants within the hour, but you should come back every day or every other day to shake the canister again and help improve the efficacy of the product.

After 2-3 weeks (depending on the size of your grow room), replace the canister with a fresh one so your plants continue enjoying the benefits.

You can keep the original canister in your growing environment for another 2 weeks and get the full use out of it, as it still produces some levels of CO2, but not at the levels it did the first two weeks.

You will be blown away with you watch your plants vigor increase, and you'll be thrilled when you see that final harvest weight! Not sure how much CO2 you need to add to your grow room? Check out our CO2 calculator.

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