Air-Pot Container #5, 3.3 Gallon - Case of 12

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Soil Growers' Favorite! The original and the best air pruning container. Made in the UK from recycled plastic since 1997.

Air-Pot's are excellent for transplanting seedlings and cuttings from smaller containers. Plants can be kept for one to two seasons before transplanting into a larger pot, or directly in the garden. It is also possible to continue growing in this pot past the second season, just keep watering and fertilizing as required. The root system will continue to flourish and will produce abundant foliage.

Nurseries in many countries are reaping the benefits of the Air-Pot system, from the small to the very large, the Air-Pot system is truly unique in its ability to containerize any size. Fruit and vegetable growers, both commercial and competitive, are realizing the benefits of the Air-Pot system, with improved lead times and prize-winning results. Horticultural Institutions across the globe have adopted the Air-Pot system for their work in research and conservation. The top botanical experts have embraced the benefits of Air-Pot®. Landscape Designers appreciate the instant establishment and almost 100% success rate of Air-Pot® grown stock, top landscapers are increasingly specifying Air-Pot® use for prestigious developments. Around the world the Air-Pot system is effective from the Tropics to the Arctic circle, Air-Pot® for all species.


The Air-Pot container is just one part of a total growing system. To reap all its potential benefits it is essential to use a suitable compost mix and give the plant sufficient water.

Lack of aeration and poor drainage are big problems when growing in traditional containers. However no such problems exist with the Air-Pot system. Increased oxygenation means that the compost can be compacted in the containers without becoming anaerobic. More compost means more nutrient for the plant.

Air-Pot Compost


Air-Pot containers are just as effective with a range of different growing mediums. Whether you grow in expanded clay, rockwool, soiless or with coco fibre your plants will develop fantastic roots.

Different mediums for Air-Pot


The increased rate of growth and the much greater number of new white tipped roots means Air-Pot grown plants demand more moisture and nutrient. Managing this demand is fundamental to the success of the system.

Ideally Air-Pot grown plants should be watered with a drip irrigation system and this is the preferred choice of professional growers. Simple inexpensive systems can now be obtained from garden centres. Hand watering is equally effective as there are two or more rows of uncut cones at the top of the container to form a water reservoir.

Air-Pot Watering Efficiency


Provides strength, rigidity and longevity. The Air-Pot is made from extra tough 100% HDPE plastic and can be used again and again and again.

Air-Pot Longevity


Increases nutrient availability improving growth. The porosity of the Air-Pot provides better conditions for bacteria activity thus making nutrients more available to the plant. This improves growth and increases resistance to disease.

Air-Pot aeartion


Prevents root circling. The inward pointing cones prevent root circling and direct roots outwards towards the open ended cones, where, because the air density of the medium is too great, the roots are effectivelyair-pruned. For fast, vigorous plants and high yield. The entire volume of medium is quickly filled with a vast number of highly active root tips. The shear mass and efficiency of the root system increases nutrient uptake by approximately 15% leading to accelerated growth and higher yields.

Air-Pot Design


Use your preferred medium and system. The Air-Pot can be used with a wide range of organic or hydroponic media and can be hand watered or used with drip irrigation or ebb n flow systems. For superior oxygenation. The Air-Pot's raised base prevents plants from standing in water or on cold surfaces providing superior oxygenation and better conditions for growth.

Air-Pot Provides better Growth

The real benefits of using Superoots Air-Pot containers are that they:

  • Improved root development
  • Improved oxygenation
  • Improved nutrient uptake
  • Improved plant quality
  • Reduced crop time
  • Reduced transplant shock
  • Faster growth rates
  • Healthier plants
  • Higher yields
  • Longer pot life


Air-Pot Container Propagation CellTHAPPROP6"H x 4.75" Outside Diameter
(4" base)
0.3 Gallon/ 1 LiterCase of 25
Air-Pot Container Propagation Cell - BulkTHAPPROP6"H x 4.75" Outside Diameter
(4" base)
0.3 Gallon/ 1 LiterMinimum Quantity: 2,000
Air-Pot Container #1THAP19"H x 7.5" Outside Diameter
(6" base)
0.8 Gallon/ 3.1 LiterCase of 25
Air-Pot Container #1 - BulkTHAP1B9"H x 7.5" Outside Diameter
(6" base)
0.8 Gallon/ 3.1 LiterMinimum Quantity: 1,500
Air-Pot Container #2THAP29"H x 9" Outside Diameter
(7" base)
1.4 Gallon/ 5.3 LiterCase of 25
Air-Pot Container #2 - BulkTHAP2B9"H x 9" Outside Diameter
(7" base)
1.4 Gallon/ 5.3 LiterMinimum Quantity: 1,500
Air-Pot Container #3THAP311"H x 10.5" Outside Diameter
(9" base)
2.4 Gallon/8.4 LiterCase of 12
Air-Pot Container #5THAP512.4"H x 11.5" Outside Diameter
(10" base)
3.3 Gallon/ 12.5 LiterCase of 12
Air-Pot Container #5 - BulkTHAP5B12.4"H x 11.5" Outside Diameter
(10" base)
3.3 Gallon/ 12.5 LiterMinimum Quantity: 1,000
Air-Pot Container #7THAP712.4"H x 11.5" Outside Diameter
(10" base)
5.4 Gallon/ 20.4 LiterCase of 12
Air-Pot Container #7 - BulkTHAP7B12.4"H x 11.5" Outside Diameter
(10" base)
5.4 Gallon/ 20.4 LiterMinimum Quantity: 500
Air-Pot Container #12THAP1215"H x 17" Outside Diameter
(15" base)
8.5 Gallon/ 38 LiterCase of 8

NOTE: Please give us a call if you would like to order more than the Minimum Quantity amounts listed above

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