Fox Farm Bushdoctor Coco Loco Potting Mix, 2 Cubic Feet - Pack of 1

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  • Fox Farm Bushdoctor Coco Loco Potting Mix, 2 Cubic Feet - Pack of 1
  • Fox Farm Bushdoctor Coco Loco Potting Mix, 2 Cubic Feet - Pack of 1 - Soils & Containers
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Triple-Washed Coco Coir Potting Mix To Reduce Salt Content

Plants growing in Coco Loco® will require less frequent watering. Whether you're growing in hanging baskets, vertical gardens, containers, or seedling trays, extend your watering schedule. Now you will have more time to beat on the drum all day!

As you trek through a tropical jungle, your steps remain light and buoyant, never soggy. The rain forest floor is remarkably deep with layers of exotic coconut palm humus. It is cool and damp for several inches. Hold the richness in your hands, feel the soft silky texture. It?s the perfect medium for cultivating plants.

The coir in Coco Loco behaves like little sponges making water available as needed by the plants. Coco Loco Potting Mix has the ability to hold more than its weight in water?while still draining well.

Coco Loco Bag

How To Use:


  • Fill container with soil 1 inch (2.5 cm) below the top edge of the pot.
  • Water thoroughly and allow to drain after planting.
  • For best results, feed your plants with FoxFarm fertilizer products during growth and bloom seasons.


  • Select a container 2-3 times the diameter of the plant?s root mass and 3-6 inches (7.5-15 cm) deeper.
  • Place enough potting soil into the container so that the root mass is positioned at the correct height.
  • Secure plant in place while adding more potting soil around the root mass until the container is almost full.
  • Press firmly around perimeter of the plant and water thoroughly. Do not pack tightly.

Use FoxFarm fertilizers & liquid plant food concentrates in conjunction with our soil mixes to optimize your growing experience.

Coconut Coir - Aqua Supremo!®

**Please note this product has specific options depending on your region. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to give us a call!**

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