Coco Coir & Soilless Mixes

Coco Coir & Soilless Mixes

Coco Coir & Soilless Mixes

From soil to soilless, growers have access to a variety of different grow mediums. When talking about soilless mediums, one that has acquired industry-wide popularity is coco coir soil, also known as coco. The fact that it is 100% natural makes it one of the most frequently used media among indoor growers. Not only is this fully natural, but it also gives growers complete control over the plant’s feeding habits. 

Using Coco Coir Soil 

There are many different ways coco can aid the healthy growth of plants. Its capability to hold water is exceptional. In addition, this medium has excellent drainage and aeration qualities. Using coco poses zero threat to the environment – and it is also renewable. Not only this, but coco air soil helps growers save a lot of money. How? It lasts thrice as long as all other soil and soilless grow mediums.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

There are several questions that may arise in a grower’s mind, making them skeptical about using coco coir for their plants. It is time to clear out the confusion. Here is a list of some questions that may be circulating in your mind.  

Is coco coir an adequate source of nutrients for plants? 

Firstly, coco coir does not contain any nutrients, so it is not a source of nutrients. Secondly, this is a reason why growers use it so frequently. You might be wondering what is the point of using coco as a grow medium when it cannot provide plants with the right amount of nutrients. Well, the fact that this medium is fully inert gives a grower complete control of what they feed to the plant.  

You can add the desired amount of nutrients to it, something not mandatory when using garden soil or potting soil. Just like traditional soil, you will have to test your grow media regularly to ensure that it is in optimal condition. The factors that you will have to keep track of include pH, moisture, and PPM, among others.   

Does coco have a neutral pH? 

The pH of your grow media is very critical as it contributes to the growth of the plant. Coco has a neutral pH, unlike other mediums that are more acidic, requiring continuous pH monitoring. The pH of coco generally ranges between 5.2 and 6.8.  

Is it possible to mix coco coir with soil? 

Yes, mixing coco coir with soil is possible, and the mixture provides the plants with the benefits of both coco coir and soil. If you wish to keep the medium soilless, you can mix the coco with a soilless mixture. If that is not the case, you can soak coco and mix it with soil in a pot in a 50/50 proportion. This mixture aids the development of baby plants as it helps a grower control the intake of nutrients by the roots. Starting your seeds or clone in this mixture is a smart choice.  

Which is the best coco coir mix? 

You cannot get your hands on a better option than the Fox Farm Coco Loco 

Learn more about the best soils for your plants by heading to our learning center 

Soilless Potting Mixture 

When it comes to providing a perfectly balanced grow medium for plants, soilless potting mix is a perfect choice. This mixture combines perlite, coco, and sometimes worm castings. Cultivating plants in this grow medium can work wonders for growers.  

If you are in search of the best coco coir soil, you are at the right place. From Fox Farm and Mother Earth to Botanicare and PLANT!T, we at have a wide collection of the most reasonably-priced coco coir soil.  

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