Robomist 8 Nozzle Auto Spray System

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  • Robomist 8 Nozzle Auto Spray System
  • Robomist 8 Nozzle Auto Spray System - Garden care
  • Robomist 8 Nozzle Auto Spray System - RM-AS8
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The first and only overhead spray system in the hydroponics and indoor gardening industry

This system has a 2.5 gallon tank and high pressure pump lets you spray a room and avoid human contact. Great for foliar feeding, CO2, or fungus control.

Robomist allows you to spray your entire garden without even entering the room. Never damage a plant again trying to spray those back corners! Robomist accepts all of today's organic oils and chemicals. The Robomist is also capable of running co2 through the misting lines. Never have to use a hand pump or backpack sprayer again, let Robomist do the work for you!

Most growers have to spray these nutrients manually, and if it's not done correctly it can wreck their crops and restrict the flowing process. With the Robomist Auto Sprayer, you get 8 nozzles that help you in spraying your nutrients, including CO2 gas you want to use in your garden. There is also the option to use them with wall fans to ensure better coverage. It makes the entire task of spraying essential nutrients simpler and also minimizes any kind of damage or risk to the plant.

The Robomist Auto Sprayer w/ 8 Nozzles area is compatible with various types of organic soils and chemicals. It is also capable of running CO2 right through misting lines. You don’t have to bother with using either a hand pump or backpack sprayer anymore. With the Robomist Auto Sprayer w/ 8 Nozzles, this entire task becomes simpler and totally automatic!

Features & Benefits of Robomist Auto Spray System

  • Hands Free - Permanently placed over head misting/spraying
  • Deliver pest/fungus control & foliar feeding
  • Unlimited Coverage! Just add expansion kits of nozzles and valves
  • Includes 8 nozzles recomended up to 200 sq. ft. of coverage
  • Can be plumbed to multiple grow spaces
  • Multi-nozzle hand wand options
  • Accept all of todays insecticides, fungicides, oils and nutrients
  • No more suiting up with protective gear
  • Use with wall fans for better coverage
  • Nozzles can be used to evenly disperse CO2 gas to garden

If you want to expand your Robomist Auto Sprayer to cover even more area, there are 2 upgrade kits to choose from to help expand your system:

  • Robomist 4 Nozzle Upgrade Kit
  • Robomist 8 Nozzle Upgrade Kit
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