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While different growers implement different strategies to grow their plants and achieve a high yield, they all find the phase of seed germination to be the most challenging part. Struggling with low germination rates is very common for growers.

However, achieving the desired results in the germination phase is no rocket science. All you need is knowledge about the process, along with the right tools such as seedling trays.

How do I use a tray to sprout seeds?

Using trays lets a grower germinate a lot of seeds at once efficiently, as seedling trays are slotted for individual seed starting plugs or root cubes. The simplest way to se these trays is to just place your seed inside a starter plug and place the plug into the slot in the tray. Cover with a humidity dome and place the whole thing on a heat mat. Now turn your clone or seedling grow lights on and voila, your roots start to sprout in 1-2 weeks.

Here at, we do carry complete kits for seed starting, that are designed to work with each other and help take the guess work out of assembling an entire seed starting kit.

Setting up Grow Lights for Seedling

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to set up grow lights for seedlings

The first step is to measure the height at which you wish to hang the grow light. The second step is to hang the light to begin its use. This is where you will have to make use of adjustable hangers for grow lights. Adjust the light to a safe distance that doesn’t burn or stress the plants. Keep an eye out any signs of heat stress, such as yellowing of leaves.

Check out the Jump Start fixture and stand combo. These make your propagation lighting setup incredibly easy.

Have any questions about the germination process? Head to our complete guide on germinating seeds in our Learning center or call the experts at at 866-GRO-INDR.

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