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The most critical phase of growing plants is seed germination. Seeds do not germinate until they get the best environment. Thus, seed starter plugs have gradually become one of the most popular ways to initiate root sprouting.

What are Seed Starter Plugs?

While seed starter plugs are common among pro growers, amateur growers and hobbyists are just getting familiar with these.

Seed starter plugs are also known as root plugs. They are a great way to introduce efficiencies in initial root sprouting. They are simple and free from complexities that growers usually have to deal with when choosing soil or any other grow medium for this purpose.

There are three varieties of plugs that you can find, and these include Rockwool slabs, plugs and root cubes, and coco mixes. Generally, root cubes are usually available in two forms; individual cubes and sheets.

So, why is this form so popular? They are common because it is much easier to transplant a clone or seed from the plug to the grow medium when it is time. It is essential to know how to use these plugs to enjoy the desired results.

How do I use Root Cubes & Seed Starter Plugs?

Pre-Soak & Maintaining Moisture

Depending on which particular product youre using, you might need to pre-soak your plug or cube. The next step here is to ensure that the root plug is kept moist at all times. Please note that the moisture should be balanced, too much, and it will drown the seed, too less, and it will make the plug dry out. Once the plugs dry out, re-moisturizing them is a challenge.

Placing the Seed

Once you have ensured the right moisture content of the root plug, it is time to place the seed in it. Make sure that the seed does not drown, and when it begins to sprout, it should have continuous access to water. While using a root plug for cloning, we strongly recommend you apply a rooting gel or solution on the clone before you place it in the plug.


After you have correctly placed the seed in the root plug and ensured the right amount of moisture content, you need to monitor the development. The monitoring phase begins when you place the root plug in the seed starting or cloning system.

On average, it takes two weeks to sprout, after which a grower must prepare for transplantation.

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