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If you want to grow clones and seedlings to perfection, you should use domes, propagation trays, and rooting plugs. Using these grow accessories, particularly during the early stages of cloning and propagation ensures ideal conditions for healthy growth. At, we have these and more to make your gardening experience as smooth as silk!

What are seedling trays?

To hold either the seed or clone or the seed or clone starting medium, you need a seed starting tray. These act as the bedrock of a propagation system and make transplanting simple for growers, especially if a root plug is being used.

Seedling trays help with water and nutrient drainage ensuring a fresh solution for the plants. The holes in the tray make sure all seeds or clones receive the nutrients.

What are humidity domes?

Humidity domes are an essential component of your seedling system. These domes cover the seedling tray and maintain moisture levels at an ideal 75%, and temperature at an ideal range of 75-80o F. Many domes come with vents as you will need to reduce humidity levels as the plant takes root. Growers tend to go with hygrometers to maintain humidity and heat mats to elevate temperatures.

When do I remove the humidity dome while cloning?

You should gradually open the dome’s vents for the first 5-7 days. The roots will generally appear after 7-10 days. After the roots have appeared, you can remove the dome completely, ensuring there are no signs of stress. However, it is essential to watch for signs of dehydration during the first week. If you come across signs of wilting, it is better to close the vents immediately.

What is a seed plug?

Seed starting plugs or rooting plugs help you in planting seeds into the propagation tray. The plugs do not affect a plant’s pH and ensure good aeration while maintaining moisture and nutrient levels for the cutting or seedling. You can find them in bulk quantities at

How to start seeds in trays with a seed starter?

It is a relatively simple step-by-step process.

  1. Ensure the seedling has access to moisture by soaking the rooting plug.
  2. Put the seed into the rooting plug and place the plug into the seeding tray insert.
  3. Make sure you maintain the plug’s moisture levels, as rehydrating them can be very difficult if they become dry.
  4. Once you see the roots, you can move the plant to a larger container without having to remove the plug.

Check out our learning center to get complete how to guides on everything you may need to know about learning How to clone a plant to our complete guide on germinating seeds. If you still need any help, feel free to reach out to our expert growers at 866-GRO-INDR.

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