Plant Cloning Kits

Plant Cloning Kits

Plant Cloning Kits

Cloning is a plant propagation method that not only saves your time but makes growing much easier than when it’s done through the seed germination method. And if you are going to use cloning, there’s nothing better than using a complete plant cloning kit.  

What is plant cloning? 

Cloning a plant may sound challenging, but the fact is that it is super simple. If you have a plant that has healthy growth, you would want to have another one like that. Cloning allows you to do exactly that. It lets you copy the genetic mix of the mother plant.  

Cloning involves cutting a shoot from the mother plant and replanting it to let it root and develop into a fresh new plant.  

What are the benefits of plant cloning?  

The obvious benefit of cloning is that it allows you to replicate a good genetic makeup. When you clone a plant that has grown stronger, quicker, and larger than the rest while resisting diseases and pests, you get another plant with the same qualities. You can keep using this mother plant for months as you keep taking clones off it. This way, you can create a whole garden with the best genes using only one plant.  

Another benefit of cloning is that it is the easiest propagation method. When you use stalks taken from your favorite mother plant, you can easily skip the hardest parts of growing a plant – starting seeds and facing the risk of low seed germination rates. Through cloning, you can also skip the germination process and reduce the time to harvest.  

How does plant cloning work?  

The first step in plant cloning is to select the mother plant that you think is worth copying. This plant should be two months into the veg phase. Make sure you check the plant closely and carefully to identify any issues. It is important because these issues can be present in the clones you will be stripping off from this mother plant.  

Now that you have chosen the plant you want to take a cutting from, it’s time to get your rooting solution ready. Cut off a shoot that is 3-6" long. Dip it in the rooting solution and then place it in a rooting cube or neoprene sleeve. Now you may put it inside your cloning system.  

Maintain your cloning environment at high humidity (75%) and a high temperature (75-80 degrees).  

Plant cloning kits 

If you want to clone your plants effectively and easily, you should consider buying a plant cloning kit. These include everything you need to sprout your clones. Each kit includes: 

These kits are the most advanced technology that is available in cloning today, i.e., aeroponic cloning systems. If you would like to check out other systems, such as economy aeroponic cloning machines and hydroponic cloning machines, you can get them all at 

Do all cloned plants possess the same genetic makeup?  

Yes, they do. Each shoot that you cut off from a mother plant is called a clone because it has precisely the same genetic makeup. This is the reason why you need to be meticulous when choosing the mother plant.  

When you have exceptionally healthy plants, you can enjoy the benefits of cloning. Of course, plants that have stunted growth and are prone to pests and diseases will give off clones with the same problems.  

Visit our learning center to learn more about plant propagation. You can find a definitive guide on how to clone plants. Our growing experts can guide you through your complete plant growth journey. Reach out to them at 866-GRO-INDR 







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